Fan leaf removal?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by conflikt, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Is it bad to remove all fan leaves due to lack of light getting to the nodes? 5-6weeks in without any signs of illness ? Just curious about people's thoughts on this.
  2. I don't know personally but I've heard people say both ways. I've personally done it and it hasn't affected my plant but I don't do it now because it seems like more people say not to. I trim off the dead yellowing leaves underneath the plant though.
  3. It's fine to thin out your canopy but I would not remove all.
  4. this is key. it's okat to trim, but dont go overboard
  5. the leaves are like solar panels if you will, removing some so that others can get light is gravy, honestly sounds kooky but the placement is key, you say a lack of light at the nodes? well unless those nodes are covered with leaves they wont be able to do much with said light, unless they have the leaves (solar panels) around them to absorb the light and make it useful. even during flowering the leaves are the main source of photosynthesis ive heard people be like "make sure those buds have light getting to them, well actually from what ive seen, heard and done myself, its always better to have the leaves around the buds receiving light cos the buds arent very good at converting the light to useful energy for the plant.

    ahh hope that makes sense. sorry for ramble kratom lol.

  6. This is a pretty good explanation,your leaves collect light to power the flowers growth.;)

  7. Thanks man, yeah i think Jcj77d's thread is where i heard it like that first, makes so much sense tho really. People might not live forever but the good they spread and their ideas can live on.
  8. That sucks I removed all fans, plant is 100% fine and still has smaller fans. Doesn't look shocked or anything in that matter we shall see.
  9. 5-6 weeks in flowering? or just in as in veg?
  10. Flowering, big buddah blue cheese, gh nutrients, fox farms soil, is about 40" tall not stretched.
  11. what are you using to look at as a "stress" gague? because u said she doesnt look stressed but the fan leaves are where most signs of stress would occur, might really endup reducing your over all yeild but i really hope not, post some pics
  12. it's ok to remove leaves two weeks before flower to prepare for light direction like crismitty sed I cant say iy any better
  13. No signs of stress after removing all of the huge fan leaves iS what I ment, the lower nodes are much smaller because they weren't getting enough light to them I believe
  14. conflikt, a better way to handle that is to do a 2 part harvest!

    You take all the big fat buds, then lower your light and wait another week or so to let the little ones fatten up!

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