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  1. Hi guys, first post but have been on and off this forum for a while before making an account.

    I've been growing from seeds Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies. Growing in 10 gallon smart pots, just sun and water. I live in Eugene, OR and we've had a fairly warm summer with a lot of sun.

    My question is in regards to defoliation. My plants are starting to flower a little bit (just letting the sun do its thing). Both my plants have a few really large fan leaves that block sun from the interior. On my Sour D some of them are starting to yellow.

    1. Can I remove the yellowing leaves?
    2. Should I prune off some of the big fan leaves?

    Sour Diesel--about 4' tall

    GSC--a little under 4' tall

    Thanks guys!


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  2. Nows the time to do it.... a couple weeks into flower is when I pull the fan leaves I no longer want as well as the lower budsites that won't make it up top... I also personally do heavy defolation late into flower so come harvest I don't really have to worry about fan leaves... to each their own you'll find what you like best.

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  3. I would start removing fan leaves but not all of them. This should let lower branches get direct sunlight. Be careful not to remove to many leaves at one time as it can cause the plant stress and cause hermi plantsi would fix the yellowing by giving the plant a larger boost of nitrogen. Take some fish emulsion and liquid kelp and add it to water. Mix it up well then split between your plants. Within a day or two the foliage will darken up. Good luck

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  4. If the leaf has nicrosis, remove it, but otherwise, I'd leave it alone. The plant will let loose leaves on its own time.

    Yellow leaves are not dead leaves..

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