Fan leaf colour ?

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  1. How are you, I need your help
    In if the color of the leaves looks unhealthy
    It's in the ninth week with Fox Farm's triple feeding. I did a flash with a Sledgehammer, and then the leaves turned to this color.
    Is there anything I can do or add?

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  2. The leaf tips are burned which indicates too much nutrients but the leaf fading could be burns or a deficiency starting. Good idea to get soil readings if you're unsure rather burns or deficiency. That'll let you know soil ppms and ph and what you may need to do to correct issue. Flushing you could have flushed needed nutrients out. Maybe have been feeding too much. Possibly letting pots sit in runoff has thrown off ph or reabsorbed salts and or too much nutrients.
  3. I had an issue that my soil ph was 5.0 and I rise it with oyster shelf powder to 7.0 then after that I flush it and the colouring changing in the pic begin
  4. Could be ph fluctuation. Too much going on to pin point the reasoning. As long as its getting the right amount of water, ppms and ph are correct should work its way out of the issue over the next couple if wks.
  5. T
    thanks alot

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