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  1. First time grow for me,

    Things have gone ok so far apart from a bit of heat stress leaving my cfl too low.

    I opened up the tent last night and noticed that on one of my plants the fan leaves had turned to a 90degree angle, I've tried to research what it may be but have not come to any conclusion

    My temp is around 25 all day fan running on constant and I water them a litre each every few days with the following schedule 1 litre each with 1ml seaweed extract and 2 ml bio bizz grow each Then feed just water and seaweed Then back to water grow and seaweed

    The plants are now 32 days from sprout Any ideas? Many thanks

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  2. I don't think it's anything to worry about. Your plants look healthy. Start with checking Ph if anything.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate

    I checked them this morning and leaves have turned back again

    Would it be anything to do with my cfl it's around 12 inches away

    I read that it may be a sign of over watering but I'm going to purchase a ph test kit as I don't have any means to test otherwise

    I've tried to keep humidity at around 45% aswell

    Little things like this get my heart racing so much love and attention has gone into these babies
  4. Ive had that happen when I move my CFLs too close or too far and they are to the side of the plant instead of the top.

    Not sure if thats why mine were doing that, but it eventually went back when I fixed the lights back to 1-3 inchs from them.

    Yours look good!

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