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  1. Hello all. Yet another fan/filter question which I'm sure gets asked on here alot. I'm setting up a 4x4x7 tent and am looking for an affordable fan filter combo that will keep smells out from visitors and kiddies. I'm using LEDs so I'm assuming heat isn't going to be as bad as other set ups.

    So I'm looking to the internet for my purchase and of course Amazon has a few kits. Has anyone purchased any of the following kits? Any reviews or advice as to weather or not these would be sufficient? Based on my CFM calculations they seem to be suffient but i would still like to ask folks with experience their opinion. Sound isn't too big of an issue as well but I sure would love a quiet fan as well.

    Also as for set up am I supposed to be venting outside of the tent and opening the bottom flaps to create negative pressure? I feel like I read that somewhere. Can some one explain the basic set up of these things. Go easy I'm just a ganjamom on a mission lol I'm not hip like you cool kids

    Thanks in advance everyone.

    Grow Tent Exhaust Combo, Growsun 6 inch Duct Fan Carbon Filter Combo With 25-Feet Ducting and 2 Clamps

    VIVOSUN 440 CFM 6" Inline Duct Fan with 6" Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal

    Growsun Low Noise and Efficient Odor Removal 6 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter Fan Combo for Grow Tent Kit and Growing System Include Fans Speed Controller 30 yard Duct Tape and 25-Feet Ducting

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  2. I bet they'd do fine... I personally use Ipower for my fan and filter... it has the same ratting and it pulls quiet fine... though I am in a 4x2x4... just buy you a nice intake as well and put a nice tower fan in the tent for even more airflow.

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  3. Thanks for the advice it's greatly appreciated. So as far as intakes can you link me to any suggestions? I thought the filter that it came with was the intake?

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  4. The filter gets connected to the outtake. Where the air gets drawn out of the tent... intake will generally be near the bottom of the opposite side where as outtake stays up high near the heat. If you buy a strong enough outtake you could get away with a decent cfm booster fan with some ducting or buy a second fan or the intake

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  5. Don't need any fan for intake on tents if you have an inline. Just open the intake vent flaps on the bottom of the tent or run some ducting through the holes at the bottom (to prevent light leaks).
    Passive air intake uses the negative pressure created by the exhaust fan.
  6. I don't know much about the subject... I tried both ways I get to much negative pressure without running at least a booster fan in my ducting and even then there's still a decent bit more than my liking... to each their own I'm just using what I happen to have I already had the booster before the inline.

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  7. Solutions to that:
    -Run more passive intakes
    -Increase size of intake ducting
    -adjust fan speed

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    Solutions to that:
    -Run more passive intakes

    Trust me when I say what I have now
    takes up more space than I have for myself period

    -Increase size of intake ducting

    My tent does not allow for ducting over 6" even if it did... I'm more of a 6 inch kinda guy... 8 is just a bit to big for me.... no homo...

    -adjust fan speed

    I have a cheaper ipower it doesn't have any control

    I guess I am forever destined to fail ☹️

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  9. I know folks that have purchased their kits from Amazon. You'll be fine. Though sometimes there's no collar. So the fan won't slide into the filter. You'll have to duct them

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