Fan Controller - which does not cause vibrations at low speed

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  1. Hello

    I have a systemair RVK 250E2-XL-Fan 10" Fan.

    I want to get a Fan Controller, Preferably with temp control.

    However I have heard about the main issue with controllers - That some cause the fans to make a bad vibrating noise when operating at low speeds.

    Apparently a Variac type controller doesnt cause the vibrating noises, - is this true? and also this controller allows any speed, whereas the others have maybe 5 or so preset speeds.

    Also the Primair Temperature Controller has some ratings, But does this Controller cause the fan to make a vibrating noise I speak of above?

    Some others people talk about are the Smscom or the official STL5 by Systemair

    What can you guys recommend?
  2. You get vibration because the controller is junk. When a controller causes vibration its because its not maintaining a constant amperage rate for the setting the controller is set to, which means its junk, period! Sorry, I am not a big fan of anything SystemAir, the fan motors that they use in their air filtration systems have a very high rate of failure.
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