Fan controller... Any other options?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oregongreens, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. The temp here in Oregon are usually stake and warm enough that low temp aren't much of an issue. I'm traveling. Lot these days so I out my tent fan (6" inline) on a controller. After monitoring all day I noticed that temps creep up to about 80F about every ten minutes, which means the fan turns on for about a minute, every ten minutes. This seems very inefficient to me. Anyone have other ideas here? TIA!

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  2. Your max temp is 80? Damn dude that's not bad at all. But what is that you're asking, I don't think I understand.

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    Yeah, certainly not complainign about the temps, it's nice they are completely stable.  I'm worried about the fan though, since I've been reading that having it on a controller will significantly reduce it's life span, and since the fan is kicking on for only about a minute, every ten minutes, it seems that the fan is doing a lot of work.... wondering if there are alternatives to the controller i guess. maybe just not worry about it?  lol
  4. mines been on 24/7 on a speed controller for 4 years so I wouldnt worry much

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