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    My first post (a week ago in Micro Grows) provides a more complete background on what I'm trying to accomplish so no need to go into detail here.
    Briefly its a wine cooler build with a twist or two.  I'm taking pictures and will publish the build journal and a separate first grow journal.
    STEALTH is key!
    This converted wine cooler is going to be in a garage.  This presents many challenges because of the seasonal difference in ambient temperature.  More later ...
    The cabinet is 21" by 21" by 52" or 13 cubic feet.  It started as an LED (Solar Storm 200W) build but is now a CFL build.
    Some of the things I'm ordering TOMORROW unless you advise me differently are:
    a Vortex 4" fan, Phresh filter, Speedster control, and 4"x12" muffler.
    The guy at Greners recommended this set up.  What do you think? Quiet (as much as possible) operation is critically important.  How quiet will this set up be with optimun ducting, minimizing vibration through duct/fan suspension(bungee), and in general, a high attention to detail?   I looked at the P&S tdx and while impresssed initially, I discovered that this mixed fan had 1/4 the static pressure as the vortex,  I also looked at the Hyper fan (Greners sells this but didn't recommend or even mention but nowhere can I find the specifications (particularly static pressure stats) for this 4" fan.
    I think at the same airflow, the vortex 6" is probably quieter than the 4" but the size makes me think twice.  It also seems like WAY overkill.
    Do you think I should order the vortex? Do you think a 4" (considering the objective of making this as quiet as I can) is the right choice?
    Please help advise me if you can.
    Thanks in advance.

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    You should be fine with your 4 inch muffler/fan/filter/speed controler. A muffler really helps but you will still gey sound from the fan.

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  3. Also ive seen thes blankets that you can buy to put over your fan to make it quieter.

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  4. Thanks ...I'll be ordering gear tomorrow.

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