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Discussion in 'General' started by simpledreams, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. you guys ever wonder if there is any famous people out there browsing/posting at the City??
  2. haha yeah why not...
  3. dude a lot of ppl on that list are allready dead...
  4. so then they can't post here
  5. I HIGHLY doubt any star would waste their time on weed forums. But on a related note i met snoop dogg before!
    Oh yeah and his crazy uncle junebug. that old guyy is a PIMP
  6. did you toke up with him wonder what kind he smokes
  7. No way dude he just walked by me, he had a concert in alberta in my city, and he had an after party at the firm and i was there. I didnt wanna seem like some groupie chump so i wasnt gonna be like oh can i have your autograph and shit, i was lucky i knew the right people just to get in.
  8. Oh yeah at the concert ppl were gettin busted like mad, then when snoop finally came on hes like "fuck the police, if you got weed light that shit up, then he lit a blunt and was like "who wants to hit this?" then he threw it in the crowd, i wish sooo bad i was in the pit but all i could get was shitty nosebleeds for the concert, but still i got to see him at the firm.
  9. this guy at my school was waiting outside the tourbus of some punk group and suddenly the door opened and like the drummer looked arround and called this guy over to the bus...he asked if he had any weed on him and my guy was like YEAH! So he ended up going into the bus, teaching everyone in the bus how to roll a joint (lol they got a camera out and were filming this dude rolling) and then they all just drank and got high with crazy groupies arround hahaha
  10. i read this thread like 6 hours ago and was gonna respond but i went to that site and got sidetracked.

    anyway, if i had to pick a famous person who i thought toked, it would definitely have to be johnny depp.
  11. jonny depp is such a wierd actor his charachers ar alwas messed up lick edward sicers hands and the pirate movie he was a gay pirate.
  12. thatd be sick if one of them was posting a grow journal lol
  13. i dream of smoking tommy chong up
  14. it'd be cool if the real tommy chong was looking, and then saw me and got freaked out. Or maybe i am the realy tommy chong, you would never be able to prove me wrong. After all is it possible that everything we understand as real could just be a sham, as Decarts said, the only thing we can prove is our own existence 'i think therefore i am'...................
  15. H R H Princess Margaret, sister to Her Majesty the Queen.

    What a hoot that would be :smoking:

  16. So how's jail then Tommy?
  17. Haha, probably are some famous people. Hopefully they'll reveal themselves someday : - D
  18. Yeah they could reveal themselves but i dont think anyone would take them seriously.
  19. alright, i'll admit it, i'm really Ron Jeremy.
  20. who the fuck is ron jeremy at least come up with some one we all know like bob barker

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