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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokin&tokin, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. do ya\'ll know or have ever met and famous people? tell us about it.... my friend has smoked with kotton mouth kings b4! pretty fucking tight! lol! actresses, actors, singers, bands, comedians, sports players... anyone???
  2. i blazed a bunt with cage......and talk with the ny rangers dairus kasperitus all the time.... he buys wine form me...:)
  3. I\'m meeting Jimmy Chamberlain on Thursday :D:D:D
  4. i donno if there is any hockey fans here or not, but i met everyone from the 2001 cincinnati cyclones team, i have a pic that i drew of there logo in gellie pens, that i got them all to sign..... Also ive met, monoxide child and jamie madrox from twiztid, jamie didnt talk much but monoxide was talkin bout his hydro lol. Tried to meet icp, but they just jumped in a bmw and took off
  5. ya i dunno if ne1 here skis, but i meet the entire LINE pro team, the entire ARMADA pro team, i skied with christy and sarah and one of my coaches was chris colins and sage.
    oh ya and NEIL ARMSTRONG lives down the street from me. i have meet alot of famous people just no1 i am like OMg about
  6. this summer was exciting for me... among all the crazy shit I\'ve done I met:

    Ken Griffey Jr... rode in front of me and my friends on the Mantis at Cedar Point, I gotta pic w/ him


    Denzel Washington... in the back of a Jaguar Convertible by the beach house I was in at Rehoboth Beach, DE!

    both I got to chat with the person, and got autographs of...

    Someday I\'m gonna be famous, a rock star fo sho, and I plan on marry\'n one of the olsen twins. Seriously... when I\'m famous I\'m gonna say something to let you guys know it\'s me... I don\'t know what I\'m gonna say, but I\'ll make sure you guys\'ll recognize me for \"Wonton\" :D
  7. Met the members of GODSMACK,that was the shit
  8. Do pro bass fisherman count?...lol
    I met Kevin Van Dam
  9. oh ya i met kenny griffery too, i have meet all the jackass guys... i have met dany davedo, brittany spears, cameran diaz, kobe bryant (i was in vail a couple weeks ago) and arnold swirtinager, i know goerge lucus\'s daughter, i have meet the prince of monte carlo, and i was friends with the princes\' (2 of them) of sweden
  10. Hmmm....Eddie Vedder (backstage of concert), Al Gore (family member worked for him), Michael Stipe and Natalie Merchant (backstage of concert), Terri Hendrix ( before concert and then hung out afterwards), Kenny Chesney (kissed on cheek by him-he\'s an East TN boy-I\'m not a country music fan) Reggie White (football game), MANCOW MULLER(signed my book, hugged me, called me one helluva sexy girl and his hand touched my ass - Oh yeah, baby!), Anne Rice signed a book for me. I\'ve seen Brad Renfro at a huge party in Knoxville but that was the extent of that. John Ritter\'s daddy, Tex, use to be great friends with my grandfather and he played with me when I was a little baby before he died and my mom knew Vincent Price.
  11. I\'ve met god knows how many famous people, my dad is good friends with a lot of them.

    Linda Lovelace, a the star of the biggest porn movie ever DeepThroat. She went out with him before I was born, I met her a few years back and ate dinner a few times.

    Sports Stars - I\'ve met Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O\' Neal (I met him in Italy on a beach resort).

    Laurence Fishburne (Matrix) - His stepdaughter was my girlfriend, so I went to his house a whole lot, that motherfucker is scary in person.

    I\'ve met Arnold Schwarzeneggar after a movie premiere my dad was invited to we sat at the same table at the afterparty.

    Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - My moms fiance used to be a big manager before he as well got into the movie business. He managed Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne when they started out. He\'s known Sharon since he was 5 years old. Ozzy and Sharon came to our house for dinner once (great people). They invited us to there wedding last new years when they were re married. That was great and I saw a whole lot more famous people like Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Justin Timberlake, Nicholas Cage, and a whole bunch of people. I said high to a few of them but didnt really have much conversation.

    My Dad was very good friends with Hugh Hefner when we were livin in LA. I\'ve been to the playboy mansion a few times, but only for lunch or dinner, never to a playboy party. I also went to school with one of his kids so that built on to the relationship.

    And last but not least Michael Jackson. I\'ve known him all my life. My Dad and Michael were best friends before so I spent a lot of time going out to private dinners and parties with them. He\'s fuckin awesome, real funny. But his voice is always so low you have to ask him everything twice.

    Ah and I forgot two more.

    James Gandolfini (star of sopranos). Had lunch with him at my moms fiances house. They were thinking about making a movie together and looking over the script.

    Brad Pitt - Same as above. Met him for lunch with my mom, her fiance, and a few of his friends. When he left I finished the wine he was drinking from his glass, so if that motherfucker has herpes I have herpes.
  12. pretty crazy... what does your dad do for a living?
  13. He was a dancer when he was like 8-18 when he started acting. He was one of the gang in West Side Story when he was 18. Later he started directing and producing movies.
  14. check out his website at www.davidwinters.net for a bunch of photos and news and shit. He\'s got some photos of him singing the osmonds and god knows what else is on there.
  15. if you guys follow baseball, I ate dinner with Chipper Jones from the Atlanta Braves, my dad and his dad went to high school together...

    but jesus XxJWxX, thats really cool man, I am truly impressed by all the people you met. Are you going to do acting or anything like that? cause im pretty sure getting a part wouldnt be so hard..
  16. Im doin modeling now, I want to get into acting soon though
  17. this entire thread smells of name dropping. reeks infact.

    but that is just my opinion, if someone here feels better for having brushed elbows with celebrities, then so be it. but please remember that they are mostly no more different than non-celebs roaming the earth, and if it is one thing they dislike, it is people who look at them like they are some kind of demi-gods.
  18. lol Im not trying to say Im better because I know celebrities, the same for everyone here. Thats the fucking topic of the thread man, get the negativity outta here and back the fuck up, lol joking, just chill
  19. yeah... i thought it was cool.......thats why i asked... hell must be fun too...

    no one has a reason to lie on hear, an if they do... they\'re just the idiots for trying to show off.....
  20. that\'s ok. and yes, most celebs are quite cool to meet, mostly coz they are outroverts that are just funny to be around, if only for a few moments. but discussians such as this, i feel, are almost as uninteresting as the juvenile \"my dick is bigger than yours\" or the infantile \"my daddy is stronger than yours\" kind of discussion, and as such neither very interesting or verifiable.

    and i know, i\'m overly negative here. i thought today was gonna be a nice day, but i had to pull some overtime, and when i was coming home to chill and do some city reading\'n\'posting i discovered my computer was bug infested. totally ruined the first high i\'ve had in two weeks and made me hit the roof in frustration. and know i gotta wait till morrow for some new stash.

    i\'ll try to cheer up by tomorrow, i swear :)

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