Famous people you want on GC?

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  1. Name your top five(or ten) of famous people you want on Grass city. And why? They can be dead or alive.

    1) Kid Cudi- you must be a dumb stoner if you don't know why.
    2)President Obama- Definitely would like him to be on GC and have people tell him why Marijuana should be legalized, and ask him why he doesn't want to legalize it.
    3)Albert Einstein- Don't have an exact explanation. Just a cool thing to have him on here
    4)Bob Marley- No need for an explanation
    5)William Shakespear-Ask him if he really did smoke weed.
  2. Im just going to say I must be a dumb stoner...
  3. Kelso from That 70's Show, I don't care if he's fictional, he's also famous. :D

    "I can't believe it's our last circle together. Wait... Oh! Now I know why we called it a circle! Thats freaking awesome!"
  4. Haha, anyone from that 70's show would be great.

    I would say Mac Miller though, dope artist, chill guy.
  5. Joe Rogan, Gary Busey, Billy Murray, any comedian really. Gary Busey would just be funny because he is nuts.
  6. I'm just gonna go with this, that's a solid list.

    Makes you wonder though, I wonder if any famous people are regular posters on message boards without anyone knowing the difference.
  7. I bet there are a couple.
  8. Oh dude, forgot about Joe Rogan. I'd love to get blazed with him and watch a UFC that he isn't commentating. It'd be awesome. You know he's blazed the whole time he's commentating UFC. And he can really cut loose when he's not really commentating. He could be just saying whatever he thought while watching. Like 'wow, Lesnar sucks, Fedor would destroy him.'

  9. :cool:
  10. Id love to see Bill Maher on here.

    He doesnt give a shit about what people think, so the public relations side wouldnt really matter. Hes famously pro-marijuana anyways.

    Although I dont agree with a fair amount of what he says, he articulates himself well and uses logic and reason that I follow (even if I dont agree). I cant stand these "intellectuals" that are in the spotlight right now that have radical views that they cant back up.
  11. G. love & special sauce

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch30nhaAv5U]YouTube - G. Love - How to Roll a Joint[/ame]
  12. Well since no one will inform my why kid kudi is such a good choice, Ill put in my 2c

    Bruce Lee obviously
    Twiztid & Potluck- They have the best weed
    Any of the great philosophers of history
    Mila Kunis
  13. Michael Phelps- it would be funny to hear an olympic athlete talk about getting the munchies and couchlock
    Bob Dylan- all of his posts would have to be in the style of his lyrics
    Jesus- he would dominate the Spirituality/Philosophy thread but there would still be some jerk trying to argue with him
    Salvador Dali- it would be sweet if he was posting in the art thread
    David Lynch- share wisdom on meditation plus explain some of his movies:confused:
    Scooby Doo-'nuff said :)
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    Second on the michael phelps!
    Christopher Walken (!!!)
    Snoop Dog
    Ice Cube
    That little old lady who did that rugby snickers commerical?

    Oh and I am also wondering why kid cudi would be a good choice? :confused:
  15. Kid Cudi
    Tom Hanks
    Peter jackson
  16. I forgot Christopher Walken. I would just want him to hear my impersonation of him. lol. It's apparently way better when I'm high for some reason.

    However his speech patterns probably wouldn't show up in typing.
  17. Kid Cudi is a good choice beacause hes a really down to earth rapper that talks about society's issue of judging people before knowing them. And he smokes a lot of weed and you can tell by when you listen to his music. Check out his album Man on the Moon and listen to it start to finish, a great story about his rise to fame, make sure your hella stoned or on some psychedelics.
  18. Katy perry, Brian from family guy, uhh who else....idk who
  19. [​IMG]

    I :love: this guy!!

    future mrs. james franco

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