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  1. Hey, just curious about everyone, but where u guys and your familes from? What descent are you guys from? I am italian, I was born in NC, my parents are from brooklyn and quuens NY, and my grandparents are from italy. what bout you guys?
  2. my family origins are everything pretty much, german, english, irish, swedish, russian, prussian, cherokee indian, and a few others. My parents are both from colorado.
  3. I'm Irish son, :D JOE>
  4. Genuine Nazi in me!!!!

    Haha, kidding.

    For the most part, I'm all German. German completely on my dad's side, and Lots of German on mom's side plus some English and a bit o'Irish.

    It's weird for my dad's sideto have stayed completely German though because they immigrated to the New World in the 1630'sish or something like that. They mostly immigrated to Canada, and they stayed up there for most the centuries until my grandmother moved from Newfundland to Ohio, and that's when we made our American debut.

    My Mom's side, can't trace very far because everyone is alcoholics and no records I guess.... but I'm pretty sure they've been here for a bit, mid 1800's maybe earlier.
  5. My Great Grandma & Great Grandparents came from Lebanon to NY (Ellis Island) in 1919.
    Then somehow I got to Ohio.

    So I'm German, Lebanese, and a little little bit of others.
  6. I'm scottish, irish, and a little blackfoot indian, haha
  7. Dutch mennonites, hardworking by blood.

    We're a people that love our pot.

    Some Russian in there too,
  8. German, Armenian, and Swedish. But I'm 100% stoner:smoking:
  9. I am Irish, Scottish, English, Italian and French. Born in the U.S.
  10. mostly white, but a little indian if ya wanna count it
  11. German, I think Italian and some others
  12. Almost 100% cherokee indian on my moms side and scottish and one other thing i forget on my dads side..
  13. 25% American, 25% Japanese, 50% French. In culture im more american than french though.
  14. my mom came from ireland

    my grandpa on my dads side came from russia, and my grandma came from turkey
  15. 50% German, 50% irish :hello:
  16. My ma's from guatemala (she spanish), And my pops from, Shiet i dunno lol.

    But been born n raised in Detroit for generations.
  17. we from white land

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