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Discussion in 'General' started by XxJWxX, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. Just curious, anyone have some interesting occupations in your family roots? It seems like a lot of what your ancestors did stays with you and in your blood ya know?

    My Mom was a model when she was younger, stopped in her early twenties. Now she marries rich guys and gets them to take care of her, lol

    My Dad has been a dancer, actor, producer, and director

    Grandpa on Moms side was a boxer and in the airforce, now he drinks beer and sits on his fat ass all day.

    Grandma on Moms side is a College teacher.

    Grandpa on my Dads side was also a boxer and served in WW2. He's dead now.

    Grandma on Dads side was and still is a dancer, she's also been an actress and choreographer.

    Uncle on Dads side was also an actor, he's now a developer.

    I've got a lot of showbusiness and athletes in my family, not too many intelligent people but they're all very bright and social and funny, so i'm pretty happy with em.
  2. Well danceing see,s to run in my family.. my mother was a dancer my grandmother and my grandmothers mother.. and yes, I was too.. but now I'm a massage therapist.. had to do something to get me through school!

  3. My dad retired as an industrial mechanic. My mom did industrial assembly,waitressing, and now cleans rich peoples houses. My maternal grandfather was a foreman at a farm equipment manufacturer. Grandmother was the first woman to be certified as an aircraft mechanic in the air force, she later was a waitress and bar-tender. My paternal grandfather was a truck driver. Paternal grandmother was a housewife and did charity work at a school for mentally challenged kids.

    Me, I've done everything from bailing hay, to lighting director and song-writnig for a national act, to refractory work, motorcycle assembly, and Quality control for consumer electronics products.

    No real visible trend there, I guess.
  4. nothing interesting.
    nearly all farmers i think.

    ...actually.. now i come to think about it.... i'm not sure about my mums side.
  5. My dad is a mechanic. I've never met anyone from his side of the family. My mom is kinda a mechanic. Never met anyone on her side of the family.. so.. eh.
    And I'm a bum, so far. Thought I'm about to get a job you have to be mechanically inclined to do.
  6. My uncle is a violin (fiddle lol) player in the Philadelphia orchestra. He is extremely talented..and was recognized when he was very young. He played for President Eisienhower and Carter. He once played for Albert Einstein. I think my favorite story was when he was blindfolded and taken to a disclosed place to play for mafia men. Hes a very accomplished voilin player, and just about the only in my family that is such of its a shame he married in. I could use some of those genes!!!!

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