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Discussion in 'General' started by budburner, Jan 14, 2001.

  1. I just had to add this because I thought it was soooo funny for the first few years that I was married into my wife's family.
    I have a sister in law whose name is Mary Jane. Her first name is Mary and her middle name is Jane. And no her parents are far from stoners of any sort.
    Do you know how hard it was for the longest time to keep a straight face? EVERYBODY in the family calls her "Mary Jane" like it's no big deal.
    Now that I'm used to it, I guess it's really not. But there for the first few years I got a chuckle out of it.
    I can just imagine what the police would think if they heard a conversation like those that take place frequently around here on the phone:
    "Hi. Is Mary Jane there?"

    I just thought I'd share that with you. Perhaps our kid's name shall be "Green Ganja"..... or how 'bout "Bong Water"

    OH I could use a joint. I'm sure this would be much funnier if I had some!

    Peace [​IMG]
  2. That's a funny story, reminds me of Half Baked, my favorite movie = ).

  3. "Moon Unit" is nice ,or "Dweezle"(sp).
    Do you think Zappa was a toker ? ? ?
    No .....surely not ! !
  4. lol, reminds me of Meet the Parents, Gaylord Focker! any way, on with the names! Bogart J. or Aneda Toke or Jim Aken Ganja

  5. thats cool. i wish my name was mary jane. wait, no i don't, i'm a guy. [​IMG]

  6. Mary Jane is Peter Parker's girlfriend in Spiderman. my favorite comic =] she has the prettiest red hair too.

  7. my hair is more red damnit! lol, there arnt that many redheads in the world, i did some math. theres allmost 1billoin red heads and only 120,000,000 that are REALLY bright red hair. im endangerd [​IMG]

  8. LOL Bud,

    Reminds me of a guy we know, who we did bussines with us, he always had trouble going to the states, his name is Dick de Kok, imagine being pronounced in the english speaking countries as: dick the cock! LOL


    PS Still I Think Mary Jane is a cool name!

  9. cousins have a cat named mary jane, and a dog named dro.........short for hydro
  10. i couldn't stop laughing when i heard Paula Yates kids were called...Fee Fee Trixybell....and Tiger out....Sid
  11. Hey, i know somebodies dog named Hydro, we call him Dro too. last April 20th, they put a temp hair color spray, had him a bright green and we walked him downtown, truley a fun memory
  12. I once knew a guy supposedly named 'Roland Pahpers'. Everybody called him Roland and he showed me his ID once, so I'm pretty sure it was legit.

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