Family Matters

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. *sigh*

    Just curious how well everybody else gets along with their family?

    I hate to say it, but my family represents one of the most negative things in my life, a source of stress, anger and irritation.

    None of us can get along with eachother for too long, though individual relationships are pretty strong.

    Fighting with your parents doesn't end once you get out of your teenage years, trust me.
  2. Yes, i too have family problems, only with my mom though, the only surviving one haha.

    But yea, im close to my mom, but id rather stab myself in the foot then watch a movie with her. I just dont like to be around her

    Ah, the teenage years, i will admit, i do love being a teenager at the moment.
  3. Yeah, when me my buddy and my mom lived together, we couldnt stand each other, so i moved up to my dads, and i found out that he tokes, so its even better...If you live with people for a certain amount of time, you just start to bat heads with eachother..
  4. My Mom and i don't get along.... my father and i don't talk to much because he lives/works out of the state. My older siblings are TOO old as in they're in their 30's and i'm only 18. I choose to hang out with my friends majority of my days. Go smoke some weed and stop worrying
  5. yeah i usually just let my family do their own thing. if you got your own place and everything, whats the problem?
  6. i dad always lived in south side quincy so I'de never see him that much but hey you gotta make the best of things sometimes

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