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Family is just getting shit annoying...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I can never, NEVER be serious about anything weed related with my father, or sister. My mom knows I smoke but doesn't agree. So I would expect to turn to the people who do know I smoke to talk to about weed. And everytime I bring something up they act as if I am a child... talking about something stupid. And that how much I smoke weed is "overboard". (I smoke about twice a day. Maybe a gram every 4 days?) Is that really overboard? My dad and sister always talk about how "obsessed" I am. It is very annoying, I wish I could live with somebody who won't give me a stupid look when I have a bubbler in my hand.
  2. That's not overboard at all. They're just ignorant dude.

    And man up, get a job, go to school, show you're productive. Then you can say "hey, I'm successful and smoke weed, so fuck you ignorant pieces of shit."

    Show your view is truthful and valid, when you argue make sense and be rational. EX: We can drink toxic alcohol and cancer causing cigarettes, but we can't smoke a non-toxic, impossible to overdose from plant? That makes 0 sense.
  3. Simple, they don't wanna hear about it so don't talk to em about it that what these boards are for and your friends, respect the fact they don't agree but your your own person and make your own decisions, by the way is that good old rochester ny in your picture i see, if it is that's where i'm from, good old webster ny haha what a shit hole...
  4. Yeah they may agree with you toking. But they really dont wanna hear about it
    and they are making smart ass comments cause they are getting annoyed with you.

    So now ya know not to bring up the subject anymore.:wave:

    Smoke a bowl, relax, and just surf the city...:smoke:
  5. OP, people are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Just because they don't agree with you, does not make them "immature".
  6. You wanting to talk about it all the time probably gets just as annoying to them as not wanting to talk about it does to you.

  7. Yeah that is Rochester, I live in the city. Webster can be a shit hole, especially in the winter.
  8. That's shitty, and extremely common. I moved away and got a job to deal with, a prospect which can't be too bad for a resident of one of the country's coldest cities.
  9. Ask them "u jelly?" and see their reactions.
  10. Haha no way! Im from Ontario haha!!
  11. [quote name='"ikevinc"']OP how old are you?[/quote]

    How does this help?
  12. [quote name='"ikevinc"']OP how old are you?[/quote]

    Dude who cares as long as he acts mature, follows the rules and doesn't blatantly state he's under eighteen, than I could care less if he's underage, just lay off him man you have no clue how old he is, do you know how many people 18+ still live with their parents, hell I lived with my parents up until I turned 20

  13. I Agree... 60% of my friends are living with their parents still when out of college (Thanksgiving Break)

  14. That statement is irrational...
  15. [quote name='"downtosesh"']OP, people are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Just because they don't agree with you, does not make them "immature".[/quote]

    Just ignorant ;)
  16. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']u are irrational u fat fuck fuck off[/quote]

    Hey dont call him fat!!! He has an eating disorder you turd bag.
  17. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']hahahahaha eating disorder. fuck u tiger bloom ill ram a dick up yo ass crack bitch[/quote]

    My golly Exodus that's rather descriptive. You seem to be quite the homosexual.
  18. [quote name='"Exodus2011"']i am indeed.[/quote]

    Izz cool gay boii one love
  19. I can't get enough of this shit.
    Ex you're on a roll.
  20. Exodus movement of the people

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