family hook ups?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SamRod06, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. how far do they go, should someone hook you up fat just because they are family. or nit hook them up, because they are fam?
  2. My cousins hook me up all the time. I hardly ever see them, but when I do, we smoke each other out. Just be careful with family, because they tend to sometimes mooch. :bongin:
  3. yea my cuz usually smokes me out and then hooks me up, but sometimes i think that he thinks i'm just using him but i'm not, it just happens he has bud to sell at the time we are kickin it...but who knows
  4. Thats kind of how it is with me. He "distributes" it, and after I buy it and what not, we just throw in together on a blunt.
  5. my cuz gave me 8ths for for cheap, but i was like i ll pay the extra 10 bro, he always shuts me down and is like nah its cool we fam, but latly we havnt chilled, i might call him up thanks to the OP haha.

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