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Discussion in 'General' started by scoobydooby67, May 15, 2006.

  1. hey just a reminder to those fans that family guy is on at 9 on FOX. happy smoking.
  2. :D thanks scoob
  3. And its a new one, too! I just rolled up a blunt to smoke right before it starts! haha, funny ass show.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, so funny.
  5. show has fallen off a bit. still funny, but almost repetitive now. i'm almost actually starting to prefer american dad
  6. utter blasphemy. ;)
  7. %100 agree
  8. last nights family guy was 1 of my favorites of the season soo far that episode is fucken hilarious favoritie quote

    I SEE A FISH hahha good times
  9. smoked some dro before the show last night (that rhymes :p) But, pretty funny. If only i could remember what happened on it though ;)
  10. theyr'e playing the FG movie next week as "the season finale" such BS, but its is worth watching....
  11. yeah, they got me all hyped up bout the 90 minute timing, then i noticed it's the movie, which i already saw, whatever, may as well see it a second time
  12. but you know it's gonna be crazy edited.

    its kind of ironic the "movie" was set up as 3 parts, like a 3 part episode. now the "movie" will be played as one long episode, where it should have been to begin with.

    it is really funny though, i recomend everone watches it

  13. they might as well get sum $ out of it
  14. it's not ironic. they said they were going to do that from the start.

    my favorite episode is still the one where they move to the south under the witness protection program. fucking hilarious episode.
  15. its on fox?... what days and times?
  16. sunday at 9

    I thought a lot of the new ones sucked, but this one was pretty funny
  17. I liked it too. The family history, haha.
  18. i'm so sick of this family guy craze, i'm not saying anything about the people here, but like in the real world, people wearing family guy shirts and quoting it and making stewie's accent, it pisses me off, family guy is not funny. the jokes are completly off subject!:mad:
  19. aw man, don't tell me your a south park activist? JK :p But, family guy is funny, you must have just caught like half an episode or something, i don't see how someone can't find this show funny


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