Family guy or simpsons??

Discussion in 'General' started by AllSkunkNoJunk, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. What do you think is Better Family guy or The Simpsons, i think Family guy is better its got more of my sense of humour
  2. I'd say Family Guy, mainly because I have every season, I've never had the time to sit down and watch an entire season of The Simpsons, only the first two (don't flame me).
  3. I've never seen an episode of Family Guy that wasn't entertaining, I can't say the same for The Simpsons. For the most part I've never enjoyed Simpsons. Even though Family Guy does follow that "Oh just like that time" in every episode, those little jokes are usually really good.
  4. Simpsons is so much more original.

  5. I liked the simpsons when I was a kid, but now its family guy hands down. American dad is pretty good too though if you ask me, and what the hell happened to futurama I love that damn robot. BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS
  6. Well i like both of them a lot, but I would have to say I prefer the simpsons. Family guy can get old for me, but I've been watching the Simpsons all my life and I still enjoy it..... gotta go with the original :smoke:
  7. Family guy is brutal, such low wit humour. Way too many ridiculous flashbacks.

    Characters better in simpsons, overall i love simpsons and hate family guy

  8. New futurama season in '08
  9. I'm pretty sure when they write family guy they don't always think "Hey remember that simpsons joke. yeah lets do that" I think peter is familiar to homer in that they are both really stupid, thus similar situations arise. None of those comparisons made me think that Family Guy was ripping Simpsons off. I'm sure the simpsons is an inspiration just like people who like a particular type of music may try to pursue the same sort of genre.
  10. Has anyone ever seen that south park episode simpsons did it? i think that explains why some parts of family guy are very similar to the simpsons. but still if they did copy or not i still think family guy is funnier, although i dont dislike simpsons i love the simpsons, but i just think family guy is funnier
    This clip is hilarious, if you like or dislike family guy you cant say this isnt funny lol
  11. Simpsons. I actually think Family Guy is terrible. It's not funny to me at all.
  12. Ima go with Family Guy...funny stuff
  13. are you serious? that would be awesome
  14. south park ftw

    I like the southpark episode about family guy, its all true cartman talks a ton of shit

    please dont make me watch it and rehash what he says, i prolly will tho
  15. I had to go with the OG and vote Simpsons. But Family Guy is a very humorous show as well.
    Both of them are really great shows.
  16. i definitely like south park 1089234237x more than both these shows
  17. WOOA don't try me on this

    Simpsons fo sho

    Futurama funny, but i got too much history with da Simpsons..ahh

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