Family Guy, Old stuff vs new.

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  1. Family guy's old seasons have a different comical vibe to that of the new seasons, ever so slightly. The older seasons focus more on a very effective means on shock humor, for instance how Peter will LITERALLY start talking about something utterly irrelevent to the situation at hand, or for that matter, ANYTHING. Brians dry wit that complements this is usually spot on as well, "Peter, what the hell? i mean WHAT THE HELL? do you even hear half the garbage that comes out of your mouth?"


    New family guy, which push boundaries alot more with touchy political issues, and have alot more plot related jokes as well as irrelevent but funny flash backs. Not to say the early episodes didnt, but they were more prevelent in new episodes.

    I love all family guy, but theres a little bit more love for the early seasons, there just so much funnier when high! Sober there about tied.

    I want to hear your opinions on this, which do you prefer and why?
  2. should have stayed canceled imo. at first it was hilarious but after they came back they tried to hard to be edgy

    its amazing to think that at one point family guy was actually a somewhat intelligent show
  3. Yup, old ep's were the shit. Used to love watching that show. Now I'll only watch it if they're doing old an old re-run. Not much of a fan of the new stuff, its alright but... eh...
  4. i love family guy...but they need to keep makin episodes to keep me interested...casue im sick of seeing the same things over and over...which is why i like american dad so much more than family guy
  5. The old stuff, I can't even watch the new ones.
  6. I'm not really sure, I don't really watch Family Guy as much as I used to but, I gotta say my favorite season that they did was Season 3, used to alwayz watch it when I bought it on DVD
  7. Glad to know im not alone on liking their early stuff more, I still like their new stuff aswell, just not as much.
  8. I'll always like the first couple seasons, but I don't even watch the new ones because it's just become a tired repetitive show.

    Also, I think stewie was a lot funnier in the first couple of seasons.
  9. Agreed, Stewie seems to be more focused on random comical shit in newer stuff rather than his evil diabolically funny nature in the first few seasons. I think instead of changing his role as a character like they did, they should have EXPANDED his evil... in a funny way. They kind of did do this but not enough episodes.

    They did this in Stewie kills Louis and Louis kills Stewie.
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    I'm glad they lightened up on the evil Stewie thing. It was funny, but I think if they just did that it over and over it would get tired- I think it switched at just the right time. I like Family Guy most for it's social commentary because almost 90% of their critiques on our culture and people in it is the stuff my family and I talk about all the time. It's like Seth McFarland is literally writing what I've either thought and sometimes even said.

    I like the old stuff, and some of the new stuff can get more gratuitous, which is annoying, but when they make a good joke- it's REALLY good.
  11. this is from the "road to germany" episode which wasnt a bad episode...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Family Guy ~ Road to Germany - Stewie's European See N' Say[/ame]

    what you guys think?
  12. Anyone see the most recent episode that aired last Sunday? Totally unwatchable to me, its on Hulu if you haven't seen it.
  13. which one? the one where bonnie finally gives birth? that episode was pretty lame

  14. Yeah, that one. Just awful.
  15. oh god...which is the reason why i think american dad is way better than family guy...i think it would have been best if family guy stopped at season six. cause theres barely any new episodes, and when they do come up, theyre just god awful.
  16. watching the new family guy...its like watching a trainwreck...
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    I actually like quite a few of the new episodes, but i'm very easy to please when it comes to family guy, most likely because i watch every episode blazed as fuck:D

    The musical numbers are like a kick in the balls tho.
  18. I found the older seasons, mainly the first 3, to be the best. They struggled when the show came back on the air for a season or two, and I find that lately the episodes are generally pretty funny. Sometimes they try to hard, or work a gag that's not really funny at all, and those episodes get really annoying.

    It's an OK show, I'm not big on it like I used to be.
  19. I guess I'm in the minority because I think the newer ones are a lot better

    I can't even watch the old ones sometimes because they're so much tamer
  20. Last week's episode was fucking hilarious. In the beginning with the retarded horse. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard for so long. My freaking abs hurt after it.

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