Family guy is boring now

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    Yeah family guy is pretty boring to me now, it's like they say something then peters like oh yeah kinda like that time I...

    Like Peter just ate this rice cake thn just coughed for like 3 minutes straight...

    Maybe I'm not high enough

    Edit: I'm watching the one where they go to Amish country and when the horse starts shitting on meg I died and when Stevie is talking about gi joe and cobra. "yeah cobra, they're the ones that always shout their names hen they attack!"
  2. Yeah I have to agree, I used to love Family Guy but it's very eh now. I much prefer American Dad.
  3. Family guy has sucked for a long time now, same with the simpsons. South park, futurama, and american dad have gone down hill too but theyre still pretty good.
  4. Definitely not as good as it used to be, but it's better than most of the garbage on tv.
  5. It's basically splitting it's material between family guy and the cleveland though.

    I love American Dad though, hilarious
  6. The new South parks and Futuramas are really good. You can see there's actually some effort into it.
  7. I laughed so fucking hard when I read that
  8. When it first came out it was okay... But then it was like "you remember that time Brian sang that song with Duran Duran".

    And then it'd show Brian signing a shitty Duran Duran song. And from then on it was the same thing. Random reference and a clip to go with it.

    Show has sucked since then. Should've never been brought back. King of the Hill should've never been canceled. Waaay better then 2/3 of Seth McFarlane's shows.
  9. Im wondering how seth mcfarlin was able to create an awesome show like american dad, but everything else he does is garbage.
  10. I like South Park and American Dad. Family Guy went down hill many seasons ago. Futurama's okay... I can't really say I have any qualms about the show it just isn't my favorite. I can watch it drunk and it's pretty good.
  11. Yeah family guy is shit now, but American Dad is still great! Loving american dad just as much as I did years ago.

  12. Dude no fucking kidding right? American Dad! Is genius!
  13. I can agree that Family Guy is stale now. It's nice when I want to passively watch something on tv while doing something else, because other seriously requires almost no attention.

    That said.. the first few seasons were, and still are, pretty fucking good. And also I don't understand the American Dad or Cleveland Show hype. American Dad has gotten a lot better than it was in early seasons, but it still isn't anywhere near as good as what FG was/is on occasion. And the Cleveland Show just sucks, but for some reason I've had friends say it was the best of Seth's work =s

    Family Guy is still a good option when nothing else is on, or when I'm too drunk to keep up with a normal show
  14. is kinda funny

  15. More king if the hill! But yeah family guy sucks now, i love american dad though

  16. LMFAO DUDE. Funniest shit I've seen in a long time. I totally got that reference. xD
  17. Bob's Burgers. The kids oh the hilarity.
  18. [quote name='"ganjustice"']Bob's Burgers. The kids oh the hilarity.[/quote]

    Is it good I didnt give it a chance ....

    [quote name='"MangledChipmunk"']Yeah I have to agree, I used to love Family Guy but it's very eh now. I much prefer American Dad.[/quote]

    This ......
  19. Watch the newer episodes...

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