Family Guy... for anyone who cares about it

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  1. Family guy in my opinion is one of the greatest animated shows EVER!! but nobody around where i live really watches the show- so i just wanted to have a thread about what everybody thinks about it and some of the funniest things you have seen on it !
  2. I'll start this shit off with a question. In family guy, what the fuck is up with stewie... i mean can anybody hear him or what. Cuz like some of the time they respond fully and others they react like he wasnt even saying anything
  3. you're not supposed to look into it that far, lol. I love the show, own all the seasons, and still watch it almost daily.

  4. yeah i used to be into it.. but then when they got back from being canceled they kind of went down hill. i dont watch it religiously anymore.
  5. well most people feel that way just because the dialoge has cleaned up so much in the show. i mean lets face it america likes violence and that why their ratings went down the shitter.
  6. their ratings never went down the shitter.
  7. It's funny that there is no Quahog in Rhode Island
  8. That is kinda weird!
  9. so is it coming back for another season?

    i have the first 6 on dvd. but did the seventh ever finish airing?
    or the 8th for that matter.
  10. I come to you all with a gift:

    You can watch all 6 seasons, the movie and the 100th episode special online. A couple episodes I tried didn't work, but it's still great. I've spent so many evenings getting ripped and having a marathon with this site, it goes hand in hand with weed really well.
  11. Well I can't wait 2 see the new episode in Sept.
  12. Quahog refers to Clam which is a RI dialect.
    Ima from lil Rhody, ya shud know that.
  13. just another place in providence
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    Quahog a place?
    it's seafood.
    ya from prov?
  15. and where is prov
  16. nah and i meant 2 say for providence but i'm from warwick
  17. family guy. i only like it because of the "wtf" vibe and their continuations.

    ie: when the house was blowing up. they did it for like 5 minutes but with different angles. i mean who else fuckin does that? haha

    oh yeah. they also get me. totally. especially when im high. what other television show understands you? except southpark. that shit is HILARIOUSSSS
  18. that is somethin
  19. i ddont like family guy as much as i used to.the south park episode called "cartoon wars" which is on comcast on demand right now hit it dead on for me when they do their interpretation of family guy.its all "that reminds of the time when...." and its sompletely random shit thats funny to a point but then gets old fast

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