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Family friends son in Legal Trouble

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chipsncheesef, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Hmm. Thought this section would suit my thread because the people seem older/more educated

    To start this off

    This happened in California
    Recently, 4 kids I know (one a family friend) aged 15,15,15, and 16 got caught driving baked at 3 AM and none of them had a drivers license. That's about it, they got pulled over, all sent home and have different court dates.

    What do you think WILL and CAN happen to them, the passengers and the one driving. I'm not sure if they had any marijuana in the car.
  2. there all fine and you just tweaked lul. :smoking:
  3. Something kind of similar happened to my friend although he wasn't baked. He was simply pulled over for speeding when he didn't know the speed anyway. Someone in the car was smoking a black so the cop quickly assumed it was weed because of the "smell", search the car and didn't find anything, and arrested my friend that was driving for a DUI. They are taking it to court. The only advice I have is tell them to do what my friend is doing: stop smoking a month before court date so you can pass a drug test if given one. (Probably will be, but I am not sure) If they pass the drug test then the court will probably be more on their because "If he can pass a drug test, how do we know he even smokes or was smoking then."

    This is only based off of the details you gave.
  4. I'm thinking possible DUI for driver, no license so probably can't get it until he's 18, and I'm not sure about the passengers but they let the illegal activity go on and participated aswell...
  5. Most likely a DUI for the driver. Passengers will probably get off easy.
  6. If he was in possesion he wil probably get hit with a dui. otherwise they cant prove he was high.

    he will also get the charge for driving without a license and wont be able to get his license for a few extra years.
  7. Minors have it good. They will be ok.
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    Lol they would have to prove you had weed in your system at the time you were driving to give you a DUI, (breathalyzer equivalent for drugs) and since thats now impossible because they didnt test him on the spot, deny deny deny. Get a good lawyer he'll rape that charge, its always worth the money when it affects the rest of your life. And if it was really a Clove then wtf? How do you confuse those smells, not find any drugs, and still arrest someone?

    Sure they didnt get protective custody because they're all under 18, my guess it they'll get some time picking up garbage in the park or something...
  9. Nothing serious. The jails are overcrowded and this is minor nobody ot hurt rightb Op needs to quit toking.
  10. That's not very "serious"..
    Probably a DWI also.
  11. driver will get a dui if they know he was high and the cop is a dick about it, and he won't be able to get his license until he is 18 regardless since he was driving without a license. dui is a serious offense and he will probably be fucked and have to pay upwards of $1000 in fines if tried and convicted

    passengers will only get a curfew violation which is a maximum like $100 fine assuming there was no weed in the car

    if there was weed in the car all of them will be charged with possession however which is a much heavier fine
  12. this is nothing, my best friend just got 2 malicious wounding charges for a double stabbing that happend at some bar we have never even been to. they still havent even told him why they think he did it or anything. just locked up in a cell right now for nothing. not to mention he is 21 years old and his mom died like 3 months ago. the world is shitting on this kid right now and its bull shit.

    but anyways how did these kids get caught driving? did the cop just look at them and say hey those people are underage? or were they committing a traffic violation? need more details on the matter otherwise its harder to get a grasp on the situation. unless the cops have blood evidence of the driver showing thc in his system i really dont think the police could have a case on the weed if they didnt find any ganj/toking tools
  13. Minors is a slap on the wrist for anything! Tell them to enjoy till there legal!
  14. "Serious legal trouble" gtfo of here, they got pulled over and they were high.
    You made it seem like they got busted with something more than a citation or a misdemeanor even, jesus, fuck this thread.

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