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Family doesn't understand.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BigBudLife, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. Wow. When I graduated a lot of my aunts and uncles and family members gave me graduation gifts.
    Most of which were money. Well I recently got caught with bud. About three days ago.
    And today I find out that one of my aunts was saving up this whole time i've been out of school to give me some money.
    A couple hundred bucks.

    But she gave it to my mom since "I would just go out and waste it on pot." That is so fucked up.
    My mom comes in and says, "maybe we could go shopping or something. or I could turn it into a gift card."
    I would love to go spend time with my mom.
    But I want to be able to have MY OWN MONEY, to not be forced to spend a couple hundred bucks at one location. Fuck.

    I'm just venting how frustrating this is.
  2. Just explain that to your mom. I take it you just graduated high school and your probably about 18. Explain that you are a adult and that you want to be treated like one and that you will behave like one. If you get her to give you the money you should probably not spend it on weed but something you can actually show her to prove your point. If not just say you want to shop with her and she can hold onto the money so it is not locked into one store. Or just stick it in the bank.
  3. damn dude, don't you wish you lived by yourself haha.
  4. take ur mom to a head shop and have her buy you a sick waterpipe.
    tell your aunt that if she doesn't approve of your life choices she can take her money and stick it up her ass.

    and then leave it to u in her will:D
  5. That's why people WORK.
  6. Because you want to spend it on weed, right?

    Sorry to break it to you man, but it's your aunt's money, and if she doesn't feel comfortable with you spending it on bud, she has a right to prevent that. You should be more grateful, imho. :\
  7. When your parents catch you using an illegal drug they will loose all trust. sorry, but get used to it, same thing happened to me.

    EDIT: Just wondering, but I bet you would spend some/all of the money on pot.
  8. I'm in the process of getting a job. But do to today's economy, it's not going so well. But thank you. :)
  9. I just wish that parents would be more understanding. Thats all I do. Smoke a little weed. It's not like i'm out partying. I smoke a bowl before going to bed. I don't do any other drugs. Never had a cigarette in my life. I don't even drink. They know that I hate alcohol. I got good grades. I am a pretty good kid. But just because I smoked a little bit of weed to help me sleep, they loose all trust.

  10. Normally I would have probably bought an eighth. But since I'm trying to get a job I don't think I would have boughten any this time.
  11. Parents are brainwashed by the media so they think pot is "as dangerous as crack"
    I totally understand your situation.
  12. I was awarded a very large sum of money when I was at your age that I do not feel like I need to disclose here in these fourms and I'm telling you that if you do get that money, and you are a pot head, be very careful! You'll always go saying, "I'm not going to waste it I know what I'm doing"... Well its very easy to make mistakes when you have access to money.

    Just be careful.
    Best of luck! =]
    And maybe you can find the stuff you like and when you do find something you like or you want, you can ask your mom for some of your money, very close to the exact amount that you need to buy that item
    then go buy the item and show her you actually bought it?:wave:
  13. i would be pissed if i found out about the money. i would have rather not known.

  14. Thanks a lot. I know what you mean. Whenever I have money, no matter what amount, I always have the urge to buy bud. But I fight that urge. Even though its very strong.
  15. I'm not sure how long you've been smoking but eventually if your will is not high enough and you do have money, your going to want to use it. It's something that I've learned over the years from growing up. I think you'll be able to handle it, in my case, I let a lot slip.
  16. Sucks for u dude

    I smoke with like half my family and I smoke in front of my mom.
  17. Turn it into a Visa gift card. Than you won't be tempted to spend your money on pot, and you aren't restricted to a single location.
  18. Haha same thing happened to me when I was 14. I just found where she stashed it and took small amounts of money then spent it on bud. She never found out.
  19. Make your aunt, mom, and everyone else watch The Union. Then ask them if they still think you're such a bad kid for using an 'illegal herb'.
  20. Most of them go into watching that ears closed and forget all of it the next morning. Tough to convince those people.

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