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  1. I am diabetic and get my urine tested and sometimes a blood test when I visit my doctor, my question is does your family doctor use these test to screen for THC?

  2. Only if you ask to. That costs money.
  3. Ding ding!
    But yeah, a typical urine dipstick to check for glucose, blood, leukocytes, etc. is not going to test for THC or its metabolites. Same with a blood glucose test. Even if they did test for THC metabolites, and you were positive, it would be illegal for them to report you to the police. And I assure you that if it was legal, they still wouldn't give a shit to report you.
    You're good, man :smoking:
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    Yea that's never a test your doctor would do.
    The only test they do is for HIV or Hepatitus if you are an IV drug user or have a lot of tattoos.
    Even then they ask before they test.

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