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Family Collection Pictures

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Riddler, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. My Zong + Bowl (nice for fattys)
    View attachment 81246
    Photo 25.jpg
    Photo 20.jpg
    Sherlock/"Wario" (Smoothest Sherlock) Crazy Color Patterns
    Photo 17.jpg
    Photo 19.jpg
    Natural Bubbler/Stemless
    Photo 16.jpg
    Photo 14.jpg
    Double Bowl Bubbler
    Photo 10.jpg
    Photo 11.jpg

    Shitty Camera but Im smoking on some ak + no name chron
  2. Nice collection i love the double bubbler.
  3. Thanks it hits real smooth, just a bitch to clean cause of the two bowls and downstems. That natural bub I just found out that it holds water, i smoked it for 4-5 months straight and then my friend and me were talking and tried it out. It rips balls too, usually though end up just packing my bong or that small sherlock when its just me toking.

    Wish i could post some nugz from up in dallas ill try in a bit
  4. The colors and all the marbles on that stemless are awesome. But i want to see a pic of the whole zong.
  5. Photo 21.jpg

    Photo 22.jpg

    Cost me 20 bucks!

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