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  1. I am not quite sure if this is the correct area for this so please let me know.

    so i just got into a lengthy post dinner conversation with my family
    (sister who is like 22 and then my father 56) and my sister got emotional because of something my dad says.

    and just for a little bit of context my dad is one of the parents that is about informing their kids rather than influencing them, which is in my opinion the best way to raise children.

    and after my sister crying, she left the table and went to her room. My dad at this point concluded he was a bad parent and that his methods of "inform not influence" did not work and that he is a bad parent.

    after me trying to convince him that he is a good father and that he just made my sister a little sad, i ended up just dropping it and leaving.

    so my question is what do you think about parenting and a parents methods in a general sense

    and now i am going to smoke a couple bowls and watch some youtube videos :smoking:
  2. What did your dad say?
  3. he was just playing the "i guess i am a bad parent thing"
  4. Pics of sister or this whole story is shens
  5. kind of a vague description OP hope they work it out
  6. sorry if i was vague i just wanted some input from some people
  7. he shoulda knew your sisiter by then to know she is an emotionl person because it seem she blew it out of poportion
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    As a father of Two... let him know he's not a bad parent. I get the feeling some times too. The last thing I want to do is fail my kids. Mine are still in diapers but when they do start talking, i know hearing that I'm being a good dad is something I'd love to hear from them from time to time. And I'd say the way your dad is bring you guys up is spot on. Inform them and let them make there own way. That's how I'm going to raise my kids.

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