fame and fear, the american idol hustle.

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  1. the sound of the television turning on is a brisk, wiry sound to my ears. i wasnt ready for what i was about to see. a parade of human meat, dancing and singing in time and in tune. each face was full of star crossed dreams hiding behind rented, borrowed name brand suits, and trendy wears.
    the pills kick in.
    this isnt art, this isnt anything but glorified karaoke. good god the sleezy whores, and small town bar rats finally have a show. all i can do is sit and watch the low lo life scum of american culture being marched, thoughtlessly onto my television, singing bastardized versions of someone elses artistic statement,feeling, and thoughts.

    who do the producers of this show think they are. im watching the whole of america shamelessly sell out. im watching my people, your people, our people vote other people to a fate more horrible than death... broken dreams.

    no mix of self indulgent substance can cover up my deep pity, and embarassment toword the american public... the majority. ive given up on you.

    so continue to watch your "reality" shows such as: rock of love, keeping up with the kardashians, and the various other trashy television programs that promote nothing but drunken behavior, unprotected sex, and lude unadulterated attitudes.

    i will quietly choose to watch the american dream truely burn into nothing, scotch and joint in hand, sitting upon my roof howling at the moon.

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