False sense of power

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  1. I feel that the republicans and democrats are ran by the same people. And the thought of a president is only there to look like we get to vote on who runs the country, but in reality it doesn't matter who gets to be the president figure because he isn't doin anything at all. Except taking orders from a higher power politician. Then when we vote on laws , the outcome is based on whatever the government thinks should happen and we really have no power at all. I don't know If this makes sense but I understand what I'm saying.
    Give me some of your input.

  2. There is a bit of truth to that. There are tons of behind the scenes people who run a lot of the stuff. It really matters in the senate because everything is by vote.
  3. I just wish we lived in a world where lying is unnecessary
  4. Yeah unfortunately. Sadly they just moderate what goes on, not control it.

    What pisses me off though is the side they present to the public, and then what really goes on. You look at things like wiki leaks, or read the actual manifesto of the Neo Conservatives, its a completely different reality than what they portray.

    Its like rather than deal with reality, you got to say what you need to say to get idiots to vote for you so you don't lose power. But it has nothing to do with whats actually going on.

    Its no secret though. I think everyone knows that. That is why they started the "culture wars". Its simple and easy to understand. "What do you think about gays getting married?" is a question any gas station attendant can answer. But the actual problems that matter in the country are way to complex for average people to understand.

    It really calls the whole idea of democracy into question. People just vote on who they like better. Or feel is more like them. It has little to do with policy. Its pretty stupid really, and I doubt it'll last.

    It worked when the world was a very simple place, that people could understand. But not now. I read once a week of the New York Times contains more information than a regular person would come across in the entire life during the 18th century. But nobody really brings up how little the average person knows about the workings of a country in this century, but that we supposedly use them to choose leaders.
  5. It is true in the grand scheme of things your vote doesn't mean shit when you are voting for one of two heads of the same dragon. It's also true they only tell the public what is necessary to keep/win majority favor. It's a sickening world we live in man, all we can hope for is that more people start waking up to these truths. We are not collective children and we should refuse to be treated as such.
  6. Yeah man I agree
  7. America has become one big corporation.
  8. I think it always has been. Especially at the start of the war on drugs. (not that I was around then)

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