False seed Pods?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Bdoo, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Checked on my plant this morning (small but beautiful) and I noticed what looked like a seed pod. There were in fact 4 of them, 2 pair of 2 on different colas, right below some bud. I am about 2-3 weeks away from harvest. I pulled the 2 males I had as soon as they showed (thats why I only have 1 plant now) so I doubt it was pollinated. Stress? I don't know. Are there othere signs that I could see that would indicate the plant was stressed and would it happen this late in the plants life? How can I tell if this is false seed pod and what is a false seed pod? I just don't want to fuck anything up as I am so close to the end. Thanks for all your help with my other Q's as well as this one.

  2. even if it does grow a couple seeds because of stress there is no other plants around so either way your going to have to deal with it so relax and let her finish.

    and if you end up with a few good seeds then Good you have some for next year.

  3. Yeah, true. I guess at this point, it is what it is.
  4. From what I hear females that were pollinated by themselves will produce feminized seeds.

    but dont hold me to that. there is probly a lot more to it then that.

  5. I have heard something simlilar as well yet with my limited amount of experience I still get confused on all the complexities of such things. However, it is interesting. Next season, I'l cough up some cash and buy some good outdoor strain seeds compatible with the climate where I live. I ask alot of Q's so next year I can do it right. I'm not fucking around next year.
  6. thats cool this year was my first outdoor grow and I have harvested part of my only plant.

    I have already started a indoor grow of Cinderella 99, White Widow and
    Northern Lights X AK47 under 1 400watt MH for Veg and 2 400watt HPS for flower.

    hopefully i get some nice smoke again :D

  7. You should search the forums for "swollen calyxes" basicly the same thing as what your talking about, well it is... just the proper wording, calyxes get swollen from time to time on different parts of the plant, and look like pollenated stimgas and seeds developing, the only way to find out is to break it open, if its at the node of the plant like i think youd described, its most likely just a swollen calyx though.
  8. Thank you. i'll do a search for swollen calyxes.
  9. even if seeds are being produced your still gonna have some good smoke. homegrown is the shit:D besides, being that close to finish, it could just be calyxs

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