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false munchies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by derpderpxd, May 11, 2011.

  1. do u guys ever get after u lite up that u get really bad munchies but after like 2 bites ur hella full?
  2. I'm going to go with no...But I'm having a hell of a time deciphering this question.
  3. To rephrase (probably); do two bites of the munchies fill you up? No. Try half a fridge.
  4. I think what the OP is asking is talking about this.

    So lets say you smoke a bowl, after that bowl you think about food and feel really hungry, but when you go to eat after one or two bites you already feel full and not hungry anymore.

    Yea this has happened to me when I smoke maybe thats why I understand it. I smoked so much my body was telling me to eat but I really was already full.
  5. Never happened to me. I think my stomach turns to a black hole when I'm high lol
  6. yeee that happens sometimes prolly cuz you ate too fast
  7. I wish! I clean out my friends' fridges everytime we smoke together:p
  8. Ganja suppresses my appetite. Not trolling
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    That's what it's used for for some people medically
  10. It's used medically to increase appetite, never heard of weed suppressing appetite for a medical reason. I guess some people don't get hungry when they're stoned sometimes, but marijuana actually helps AIDS/HIV patients regain their appetites.
  11. weed lowers your blood sugar, making you hungry. and because of the euphoric feeling you get high, and focusing on the delicious food, your probably gonna indulge
  12. this happened to me once. i just suggest smoking more. a smoked a bowl of good heads and ate 2 steaks 4 big pierogies and a pack of 12 mini pierogies all with steak sauce on them and a steak later and most the pierogies i was full so i just packed another bowl.
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    It is very weird. It has the same effect on my brother and he's a good sized dude. I can barely eat one meal a day as it is. The ganja helps me with my nauseousness though
  14. That's another thing it does, prevent nausea. Another reason it's used by HIV patients and many others with medical conditions, even by those who don't have a serious illness. You shouldn't have to be dying in order to smoke cannabis.
  15. what?! I think your eyes are bigger than your stomach lol
  16. Whenever I get the munchies (which is every time), I fell like as soon as I put my hand into a bag of chips or something I can't move until I finish the whole thing.
  17. Very aware. That is why im glad in California, fortunately you dont have to be dying to get your rec here. Luckily my father has his rec and will get me what I need/want when i go to the dispensary with him.

    I would get my own rec(very qualified) but seeing as how I dont have a car and I always go with my father it works out.
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    Not true. Cannabis acts directly on the endocannabinoid system, which controls, among other things, your sense of hunger.
  19. Easier to just use someone elses ID then go through the process of getting your own. It's pretty sad how people are dying from medicine that won't help them.
  20. your right.

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