False accusations of rape.

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  1. This is a discussion I've had with friends, and it gets pretty heated at times, so I thought it'd make for an interesting thread. What do you think the penalty/punishment for false accusations of rape should be? I'm not talking about cases of mistaken identity either; I'm refering to cases where no rape has occured at all. A good example would be the Duke lacrosse rape case from a few years ago where some stripper accused multiple team members of raping her at a team party, and then it turned out she'd fabricated the whole thing. I'm of the opinion that that deserves a life sentence at the minimum and possibly the death penalty; and I'll explain why. If this person is willing to ruin a life for the sake of possible monetary gain, or even just out of pure spite, they're clearly a person society is better off without. Thoughts? Comments? Insults? :wave:
  2. Rapists don't even usually serve life in prison.

    The mandatory minimum sentence for rape in my state is less than 9 years. Murder is a minimum 25 years.

    Of course a false accusation of rape is a fucked up thing to do to somebody, but life in prison or the death penalty? Dude. :poke:
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    Oh yeah, life at a minimum. This person is perfectly willing to ruin someone else's life, so fuck 'em. Reap what you sow and all that.
  4. Jessie slaughter would be in jail for life then LOL

    Ahahhah but no I wouldn't go that far....

  5. straight up. as with most things, fuck em.
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    Considering that the person that was wrongfully accused will never fully out-live the indecent, the accuser should serve the sentence the perp would have served if convicted.
  7. I guess this is acceptable too. It seems the false accuser gets a slap on the wrist and gets to skip away most of the time, that's what's truly ridiculous.
  8. Easy, should carry the same penalty as rape. Of course, like rape itself, it should be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she lied before giving her that penalty.

    That's why most of them "skip away" as you said. It's one of those cases of what you know vs what you can prove. Everyone might know it was bullshit, but nobody can actually prove for a fact she was lying, so it's a wash.

    I've also read a District Attorney's own word's, where she said that they don't prosecute false rape accusations because they're afraid that would discourage REAL rape victims from coming forward. That's complete and utter bullshit IMO, but this was an actual DA in a press interview. It's like...wow.
  9. Its simple...as a punishment, they actually do get raped.

    I'm only joking, of course :)

  10. Is it fucked up I actually think thats a fair punishment? I think if you ruin a mans life by claiming that he raped you, then you should get raped by a gross, sweaty fat guy. It only seems fair to me.
  11. hahahaha I came in here to post the same thing.
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    I think both the accuser & the DA in the Duke case should serve out the sentence of what the accused would of been handed those boys.
    Too much of this kind of bullshit is allowed to slide because the accuser is black, the accused are white & the DA is politically movtivated.
    Look at the Twana Brawley case. Her & Al Sharpton should have served time. Al Sharpton for accessory to murder as some Jewish guy was killed in the riots that he provoked.
    Not much difference between what he did & what zerobama is doing today. :p
  13. hahahahhaha forgot all about that kid, hahahahahah this is great
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scyGo7tkC4I]Jessi Slaughter / kerligirl13 breakdown ft . FATHER - YouTube[/ame]
  14. I read this story awhile back about a man who went to prison for I think 8 months because his ex wife staged an elaborate framing of a brutal sexual assault on herself, down to getting someone to black her eyes and tie her to her bed. This was so she could get full custody of their child or some bullshit like that.

    She then said that her ex husband did it. He was sent to prison until 8 months later when an investigator looked into the case and decided something was fishy. He called around trying to retrace the husband's footsteps, and found proof that he was at a bank a few minutes before she said this assault happened, and there was documentation of him buying a coffee like 2 minutes after.

    So he had like literally a 9 minute window to beat her up, tie her up, rape her and then pack up and leave. So he got released and she never suffered any consequences at all, still had the kid with her and everything.

    And the DA says they aren't going to prosecute the false accusation because "we don't want to discourage rape victims from coming forward". So this guy gets nothing for 8 months of his life. Remember he also thought he was gonna do 25 years, so that's even worse.

    And women say THEY'RE discriminated against?
  15. forgot to quote ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  16. Fun fact: the accuser is actually facing murder charges now. She stabbed her boyfriend to death.
  17. i think who ever the liar is deserves to really get raped...like if a girl accuses me of raping her than police find out she lied about it that's like a +1 free rape card for me because the police wont believe her again.....

  18. When a cunt falsely accuses someone of rape and thinks she can get away with it just because she is a fucking woman, she should get the same punishment as a rapist so she gets raped in prison by a butch. I fucking hate when woman get away with shit just because of their gender.
  19. It should be harsh. That's all I'll say. I won't say life or death penalty though. The first thing that came to mind is that when you get sent to jail you have a high chance of getting raped yourself. If you're willing to put someone through that (and ruin their life) the punishment needs to reflect the crime/false accusation.

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