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  1. Ok so I went through the whole tutorial at the beginning, learned how to walk etc etc.

    I walked over to the salon and spoke to the black dude in there for a bit about guns etc. Then I punched him in the face to see what would happen and he pulled a shotgun out.

    I ran to the door and on the way out of the shop it saves :mad: So now I'm stuck trying to figure out how kill 3 men with shotguns. And everytime I die it reloads it right next to 3 very angry men.

    Cause apparently shooting them in the head 3 times doesn't quite cut it :hello:
  2. LOLOL why does everyone do shit like this.

    Basically your fucked. Let me explain why.

    1. You just made everyone in the town hate, so you can never do anything about that now in terms of quests.

    2. Your surrounded by men with shotguns. However if you want to leave and never see goodsprings again and live with neg karma, haul ass out of town.

    They only probably might have single shot shotguns so when your hurt just take all your meds/foods to restore lost health and get out of there, you should at least have some. But seeing how weak you are at this stage you'll either get killed by radscorps, geckos, or powder gangers. So i'd get yourself a new fresh start if i was you.
  3. lol yeah :laughing:

    11 9mm bullets can shoot the head off maybe a few coyotes but daaamn. I had to restart lol

    edit: and I punched him just to see what would happen
  4. Have you gotten the Varmint Rifle yet? If so just change the difficulty to 'Very Easy' + Vats + Headshots = profit

    EDIT: Nevermind, it seems you have already resolved the problem yourself. Enjoy the game, man.

  5. Yeah I think I do - the woman with the dog gave me some kind of rifle :laughing:

    I been shooting giant ghekkos and stuff :D
    Thanks for the help though anyway SourKush :wave:

  6. dude good luck with that game i had nothing but problems with it. try not to sell it after it freezes for the 30th time.

  7. Sounds like that could have been cured with a simple clearing of your cache.

  8. i have had 0 crashes or freezes with fallout new vegas on both xbox and pc

    must be on your end.
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    i forgot all about this thanks

    Fallout New Vegas: Crashing and Freezing Xbox 360 and PS3 Consoles? : Product Reviews Net

    my hopeful theory is that they were working so hard on Skyrim that they wanted to push this game out the door as fast as they could.

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