Fallout new Vegas flaw

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  1. I know this gam is really glitchy but I did t expect it to fuck up me game I'm in vault 34 and I walked through a door and just died might I mind you that when you go through most doors it saves and i keep fucking dying no reason I've also checked my rads and that isn't the problem if anyone else has experienced this and knows how to fix let me know I just starts a new game

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  3. To fix it go to


  4. Never encountered that glitch in NV or 3 but I've feared that issue. Might want to find a Game FAQ thread or similar site. I'd be pissed if that happened to me. I'm playing through 3 again and haven't been fucked too hard by a glitch yet.
  5. The only think I personally didn't like was it didn't seem to have as many memorable locations as fallout 3 and vegas was disappointing at first but I grew to like the city I just wish it was bigger and I didn't like how it was broken up in sections. Can't wait for 4 but i read some interview stating fans shouldn't get their hopes up for the near future, I can see why... these games take time.
  6. You really just have to save more, let this be your lesson

    Can you access your pip-boy before you die?
  7. You die automatically on save? Can you use your ~ key to input god mode and then save after healing up?
  8. Update your video card drivers, if you thought Nv was crashing just wait for Fallout 3, it crashed every step till I updated vid drivers
  9. Load a previous save?
  10. New Vegas is probably the most buggy game released in the last 5 years. Still a great game, but the dev's really needed to troubleshoot it more before releasing.
    I actually had a glitch playing it where my two companions(Boone and EDI) literally stuck together, and no matter what I did wouldn't come apart lol. If I told one of them to go to the Lucky 38, the other would go with them. Rather bizarre.
    I'd say your only option is to reload a previous save mate.

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