Fallout New Vegas anyone?

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  1. and are you high?
  2. Fallout new vegas is the shiiiiit, add the cannabis mod and youve officially got one of the best games out there.
  3. I just beat it recently without mods. If I play through again which mods should I use? Noting the Cana bis mod already

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  4. I've played the hell out of both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and most of that time while extremely blazed.
    Two of the best rpg titles around today.
  5. Good stuff

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  6. id rate new vegas my favourite game ever
  7. Do you want a time machine as well with your purchase of this ancient game lol? Yeah I played Fallout 3 though. And Skyrim and Oblivion. I love Bethesda.
  8. Yes New Vegas is the shit, I'm re playing it right now, doing everything the ceaser way.
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    Get the trap house mod so u can live in a trap house in the hoods of vagas and sell drugs to little kids it's awesome!

    I Smoke weed 4/20-7 😎
  10. Fallout 3 was the best game and still is the best game to date!

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    Loved this game so much probably 1k hours logged into 3 accounts

    Main account was a scout sniper loved killing ceasers men from a half mile away up in the hills then when they would get a general idea where I was coming I'd sneak around behind em must have thought I was 6 ppl :) brought me great joy when I was baked as fuck. To many damn bugs tho. 2 fave rifles where the hunting rifle (full upgrade) for ceasers men an tougher foes second was the vermin rifle (fully upgraded) for hunting at night n taking out large groups of feral ghouls

    Fallout three was amazing probably 4k hours logged into it on 2 accounts. Can't play it after new Vegas tho can't stand how you can't aim down the sights of the weapon was my fave game for a loooooong time tho.
  12. NV is good and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through it but 3 is superior.
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    Fallout is the shit. Every time I play, I find something new to do.
  14. Caesar is an insane douchebag who runs around killing people in his spartan pajamas. Like the PUREST form of douchebag.  I cant walk around the damn wasteland for 3 seconds without another godamn patrol or a group of his fucktard assassins coming after me
  15. I must have put over 8,000 hours into fallout 3 + expansions.

    I loved it so much I made a costume:
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1397456498.441821.jpg

    I played fallout new Vegas, got near the end but never beat it. Didn't enjoy it as much as 3.

    Never got into the elder scrolls series. Maybe level 15 in skyrim them stopped playing. I like explosions and guns better than swords, magic and arrows.

  16. I live in las vegas.

    It was fun to see how accurate the game was (though all the casinos were fake).

    I enjoyed the game a lot.

    Anyone from dc? Did they do a good.job on the map for 3?

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  17. I've logged over 150 hours unmodded with the base game and all 4 DLCs completed on NV and about 50 hours modded with no accomplishments at all, haha. I can't say nearly the same for Fallout 3. Any other smokers out there feeling the pain waiting for Fallout 4?

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