Fallout 76

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  1. Is anyone going to play this game? I played the Beta last night and had a blast even with the bugs. I'll be playing the Xbox version if anyone wants to team up on some baddies let me know.
  2. I want to be excited but after wacthing the game play from the beta I’m not nearly as excited... the A.I looked seemed terrible. Just standing there and getting shot. Only can play the beta if your pre Order... the “beta” this close to when the game launches ? Your playing a demo. There’s not shit they can change this close to launch. Unfortunately I see Bethesda wanting a peice of that micro transactions pie
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  3. Was going to get it with my homie but with red dead 2 dropping Friday I probably won't play any other game for ages lol
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  4. How does this game differ from fallout 3 exactly ...no difference to me

    sam-o-sam-o ...shoot- loot- build...and mod dah

    the beth machine keeps churning them out

    like many 16yo you to will post

    'but what happened to my teen years ....lol

    good luck trying to unload ur virginity ...lol

    ps Green Hell on the other hand!
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  5. Fallout is now online and everything is in survival mode you need to sleep eat and drink to survive and also Squad up with other players to kill the bosses. The beta was merely to test their servers stability and find any bugs that they will be able to patch soon. I would say releasing a Fallout game every three years not really turning them out and there are other projects they are working on. I'm pretty sure the game will have a more mature player base than fortnite or Black Ops 4 that's for damn sure.
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  6. Fallout fan from WAY BACK -

    But I’m a gaming loner - all set with having to play online with other gamers -


    We need a new single player Fallout

    And a new Half Life 3 single player

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  7. It seemed like a cool idea to play online with people on Fallout until you realise if you die you also lose everything you own lol

    The game should have been single player only
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  8. You don't have to interact with other players if you choose not to. I find myself exploring alone alot. Also you only lose junk when you die and you can spawn near your dead body and go retrieve all your loot. You get to keep all your weapons when you die as well
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  9. As a Fallout nerd/fan/gamer/Wasteland Wanderer, I’m sure I’ll check it out - I kinda can’t NOT - and was glad to hear @cleanbudz take on it...

    I had such good fun and killed so many good snowing Sunday afternoons with New Vegas!

    Oh - and all the others too lol

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  10. It's fun. Playing on PC. Buggy, imagine that
  11. wrong. read the post under yours because he is correct.

    also, i actually think people SHOULD lose their shit when they die. if you dont lose anything when you die then your life in the game is essentially meaningless. you can just die repeatedly with no repercussions. kinda takes away the immersion and survival aspect of the game IMO.
  12. And refund process complete.
    If you thought fallout 4 was at all disappointing....
  13. Was planning on blindly buying it but have heard only bad things so I'll have to consider
  14. I just bought it today and im on xbox. I played the beta for about 20 minutes then it shut down for server maintenance. Ive never played Fallout before so this is new to me.
  15. I honestly haven’t heard much about this game. Is it a full game? Looks a lot like Fallout 4....what are the noticeable changes?
  16. its vastly different from other fallout games in that its an online multiplayer game. no human NPC's to interact with(there are robots and stuff in the game that are NPC's). its focused more on playing with real people online and building bases and your own towns and what not and surviving.
  17. Whoa, okay. Yeah, that does sound pretty dope. I might have to check it out. I really liked and played the shit outta Fallout 4. So I'll probably like this.
  18. Man this is giving major deja vu.
  19. Wanna team up? I also have it on PC

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