Fallout 76 player looking for a chill partner to play survival mode with on xbox

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Justinredding, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Looking to make a new character from scratch. Survival mode only. Here's a post from Reddit that no one replied to. That's why I'm posting here.

    [Xbox] Hey guys I'm a 30 year old male in California. I'm looking for a chill partner to play survival mode with. My 1st survival mode only character was so much fun to play. He's lvl 84 now and I'm ready to make a new survival character but with a partner that matches close to my play schedule and style. I work Tuesday to Saturday till 7pm. Pacific standard time. Then I hop on around 730pm to 1am. Sundays and Mondays I usually hop on at 8am and play all day and night. Single life lol. Basically we will be leveling up and exploring together. I like survival mode because no fast travel adds to the immersion for me. And knowing that you can run into a player anytime and not know what to expect. I'm more of a defensive player and will attack if someone tries to kill me. I usually am top on my server for longest life because I play smart and stay away from train stations and events if there are event stalkers at that time. I also like that you cannot see anyone on the map. They also took out the top 3 visible on map feature. 420 friendly is a plus. I smoke a lot when I play. Message me if you have any questions and are interested. We can make new characters tonight when I get off work for my weekend. Have a good day guys
  2. I literally just bought this game. Haven't tried it out yet cuz I got Gears 4 on the same day and I'm playing thru the campaign. Id be down to play though, but I can't say ill be any good
  3. What's your gamertag

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