Fallout 4?

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  1. I keep hearing things about a new fallout game and really can't wait if it's anything like fallout 3 or new vegas.
    I don't know what everyone thinks but they've badass games after a smoke.
    Anybody else heard anything about the new game?
  2. Haven't heard anything recently but I know when Bethesda bought the rights from Interplay, it was for three titles I believe. So 3, New Vegas and another one. They would be foolish not to make a Fallout 4 with the push of the nextgen consoles. I'll be excited for it but I'm sure my girlfriend will hate it lol. 
  3. Fallout 4 has been in development since 2010 lets hope this year it's ready! 
  4. I would be extremly happy if it debut'd the year after this one then an elder scrolls game the year after and a bioshock the year after that! They should just rotate them like that every few years :D
  5. Links?
  6. So what cities/places would you guys like to see it based around?

    I'd be interested in someplace like Miami, Seattle, New York State, or even go back to Cali.

    I think Miami would be fun because it would be pretty different from the other games, with beach, swamp, city, farm area, lots of different locale kinda places. Plus Rad Gators? Sign me up.

    Seattle would be cool because it's around NCR(a little north but closer than a lot of other places), it has recognizable buildings/landmarks, forest area would be a nice change of pace(I enjoyed Mount Zion, but that was still kinda desert-y). It would also be cool story wise to get some more info on Canada, maybe Vancouver could be included in it?
  7. Seeing as there is virtually no information out on it I'm sure it will be next gen and will release in 2014-2015
  8. Hate to burst your guises bubblz but Bethesda might not make a Fallout 4 because they want to and are trying new things.
  9. There's very little information, but I read somewhere that if they do make one, it'll be based in Boston. There was something about either 3 or New Vegas hinting at it. But 'tis all speculation.
  10. Ive read the boston thing before. Apparently some of Bethesdas team reported scoping pictures of different landmarks and areas of boston
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    Beth bought the rights to three Fallout titles, why would they only make two when it's a clearly lucrative series?

    There have been leaks by a voice actor from fo3, but beth bitched him out.

    I have heard fo4 will be around Boston, and the story will revolve around MIT and synthetic android slavery.

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    I demand horses to fulfill my wild west cravings.

    How about another county? Maybe somewhere in South west Russia near the Chinese border. Or even the perspective of someone in China.
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  13. Another country wouldn't work at all. I mean I know the story is intertwined with other countries but how would that work with 50s Americana theme? Plus I don't think their fan base would connect as much with the Chinese or Russian cities, I mean a lot of the fun is seeing how they interpret what a post apocalyptic city would then look like, seeing the landmarks and the like.
  14. Never know, remember Raiden in MG"S"2? Took a while but eventually the art in it was seen.

    Then i say...hmph. Great Lakes area? Our as said before annexed Canada.

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  15. how about a game that isn't complete shit with a shit story and shit gameplay haha
    also op, there's like 15 threads on this already. one of em has like 15+ pages. learn to search.
  16. There's been a lot of BS floating around the internet about FO4, especially thanks to a reddit poster. I consider myself to a major Fallout fan, it's my favourite game franchise of all time. Instead of fangirling, I will attempt to make this post as clear as possible, free from all of the BS/hoaxes and misconceptions, floating around the internet wasteland!
    (The actual name Fallout 4 isn't confirmed, but I'll refer to it as FO4)
    Fallout 4 was mentioned in 2008, even before Fallout 3. Pete Heinz of Bethesda had even stated they hadn't purchased the Fallout franchise just to release one game (remember.. Fallout New Vegas was a spin off, not a sequence). Bethesda paid almost $6m for the Fallout series. 
    One 'GNRinformed', a reddit user claimed he had a relation working in Bethesda and 'leaked' the following fake information: setting would be Boston, factions would include Androids, focus on cyberpunk artwork. Turned out to be a HUGE hoax, but many of these false red-iot's claims are still in circulation. So please, take everything you hear about FO4 with a pinch of salt. 
    Eric Todd Dellums (the voice of Three Dog) tweeted, "to all my #fallout3 and #threedog fans: there maybe more of the dog coming! Fingers crossed!"... hmm teasing much? Bethesda did major damage control after this,
    Bethesda advertised jobs in Febuary for experienced programmers for a next gen game. It is most LIKELY not 'The Evil Within' or 'Wolfenstein'.. both of these have their have their own production teams. 
    Bethesda has added a few extra FO3 merch to it's store too. 
    Here are my conclusions:
    - Bethesda will be releasing another Fallout game
    - Based on Bethesda release calendar, the very latest it will come out sometime before 2016.
    - It will be available on PC (Bethesda has strong roots in PC gaming) and at least one other gen console (please, please both Bethesda.. don't make it an xbox exclusive... pleeeeease)

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