Fallout 3

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  1. I must say this game is fucking awesome.
    I bought an O earlier today along with fallout 3. I know alot of people say it's not as great as it could have been but frankly that doesn't bother me.

    I played this shit for 4 hours just smoking and playing.
    One of the best games I've ever bought for the 360, hands down.

    Any other fallout 3 players out there?
    I played fallout 2 when it came out but never really got into the series.
  2. hell yeah man F3 ftw.
    this is the shit to play while blzed most def.. i wish my computer was super l33t so i could pla on PC too, but xbox version is fine with me
  3. fall out 3 is one of my top 5 favorite games and ive been playing video games for 17years now. Its 16square miles of map. Genius game. I played it for over 30hours and i chould have played it for 100more and still not see all there is to see in that game.

    It truly is a work of art.
  4. yeah, i stopped after i had to go back and redo stuff for acheivements, like the nuka cola, i was kinda pissed that i just wasted em all earlier in the game, i could see myself restarting this summer though
  5. amazing game, spent probably over 100 hours on it.
  6. hells ya. Two weeks went by while I was getting every achievement 50/50. then they went and doubled the gameplay with the add-ons! Some of the best open world graphics ever too.
  7. Oh what the hell?
    There already was a Fallout 3 thread?

    I just made one o_O
  8. Just goes to show how great this game is.

    I just got broken steel and the pitt on XBL.
    It's more addicting than cigs.
  9. just bought this game again, my brother traded it in a couple of months ago. It's addicting because of the new shit you go through everytime you play. For me i love walking from one side of the map to the other so i can come across weird ass shit haha. Kinda wanna get the new DLC called "Point Lookout" [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    looks pretty creepy to me hahaha hopefully can buy it and play this shit when im blazed.:smoking:
  10. this game is alright, just bought it.......im just having problems staying alive and getting some decent freaking weapons.:mad:
  11. lol really? i probably died once in the whole game. its a fun game man once you get into it.
  12. damn stupid mutants and raiders and every other creature imaginable :mad:
  13. haha ya i hate those fuckers, i just run of the weird ass animals and mostly kill the raiders even though they are a pain in the ass
  14. Its a really cool game but you really should download the latest DLC or else you may be upset with the end of the game. Its a blast when you are blazed, I completely lose track of time playing it and before I know it I put like 5 hours into it. Also the guide is a great investment
  15. its not that bad but having some decent guns and ammo would be nice. which i cant seem to find after hours of searching
  16. i find ammo every where i go, every place i go i see ammo. But u can either be a stealer nd steal it or kill raiders and take theirs.
  17. Fallout 3 is alright, could have been a ton better, but it was alright.
  18. lol running around in the sewers with hella toxic waste dump and creepy mutant six legged creatures was entertaining

    I did play Fallout 2 alot more though :(
  19. Fallout 3 : New Vegas probably will be pretty sick cant wait for that:smoking:
  20. I bought this game for the PS3... I didn't like it that much... It was okay at best.

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