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  1. Bombbb ass game!

    Have it for my computer, I have quite a few mods that makes the game 100x better than ever. I'm SOOO happy that their is a 80% chance of a Fallout MMO, let's see how that will turn out, (2010-2011) anyway any of you guys know of any good mods out that I should try out? I can't find ANY good armor mods at all, the mesh's are always all fucked up. :(
  2. I don't play on PC (yet), so I don't use mods. But you're right, Fallout 3 is a BOMB ass game.
    I just got to lvl 20 today, with bad Karma. Just my first play through. :)

    I would cry tears of joy if the Fallout MMO is for real. That would be amazing.
    Especially if they came up with a REALLY good PvP system. With how the Fallout world is, it'd be too easy to just snipe some bitches. So they'd better make a quality system.

    Now back to fucking up some Enclave mo'fuckas!
  3. Your going to trip nuts when you play on computer bro, it is EPIC.

    You know infront of The Capitol Building? I turned up a few mods where there are double reinforcments and your the commander of the Enclave and you just call all your enclave homies to fight with you, it comes up to be a very intense battle with mutants, talon company mercs, and grenades! Not to mention all the other random shit I still have yet to try out.

    And it's fuckin BETHESDA MAN! they better be in on this mmo, if they are it will be best MMO to date, I'm sure of it.
  4. Oh shit, sounds awesome!
    Once I get to school in a few weeks, and get my new computer, I'm gonna have to get it for PC, just so I can try me some mods.
    The game itself is great, but I dunno if I can see myself playing it again, unless I DO mod it.

    Yeah, as long as Bethesda has some say in what goes into the MMO (and they should, seeing as how they have the rights to the Fallout franchise now), it'll be amazing. Sure, Bethesda makes some mistakes, but in the MMO world, those can always be fixed. It'll end up being perfect. :hello:
  5. It a rumor about fallout mmo. We don't know yet. I hope not.
    trying stay away from all mmo games.
  6. I doubt they'd make a Fallout MMO, especially one made by Bethesda, who have never made one or even shown any interest in making multiplayer RPGs.
  7. I think they might actually do it, cause with Oblivion SOOOO many people wanted that to be online, but every time they would say no. Fallout, which is a wayyy better mmo idea, an apocalyptic survival war game with your friends, how bomb would that be. :smoke:

    Yeah, Spira, am I the only one who fucking hated the story-line to Fallout? I felt like whenever I beat it I wasted my time, all you do is look for your dad, kill a few mutants, follow a robot through a city, end. Veryyy disappointing for Bethesda, but again, the mods really up the re-play value.
  8. Yeah I agree man, the story wasn't the greatest.
    The side quests have been BY FAR the best part of the game, if only because they have way more action.
    Haha...blowing up Megaton, then betraying everyone at Tenpenny by robbing them blind and letting the ghouls destroy the place. Fun times...

    As far as the MMO goes, I think a post-apocalyptic one would be so fresh. Oblivion would have been cool yes, but fantasy has been done before, too many times. I think Fallout going into the MMO world would be a good move.
    Bethesda doesn't HAVE to work exclusively on it, either. They could find a team that's more experienced wit online play to help them out.
    It could be done. :cool:
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    I honestly didn't like the gameplay in fallout 3, I felt without using the targeting system was too hard, using the advanced targeting made the game too easy, and playing in first person without using the targeting system was fun but I don't like first person view.

    A fallout MMO would be kinda shitty imo

    Edit: I think I'm gonna buy fallout again lol, I didn't play through it right and I didn't really get the concept of the gameplay.
  10. Fuck yes! I've beaten it 3 times and gotten every achievement. One of the greatest games ever made.
  11. Hell ya Fallout 3 is an incredible game!! Ive had it for one week and I already have 40hrs into the game. Absolutely amazing experience. The pure awesomeness and random wtf moments never seem to stop in Fallout.
  12. I just bought fallout again and I like it a lot better this time now that I know what I'm doing

  13. That's good man. Glad you're liking it better now.
    I stopped playing it my first time too.
    Second time through was MUUUUCH better.
    Just beat it two days ago, and I must say, one of my favorite games ever.
  14. Fallout 3 is such a awesome game. I didn't like it at first when I started playing it either. But now that I beat it I'm having a blast finishing all the side quests with Fawkes at my back, fucking shit up.

  15. I was so mad! I accidentally killed Fawkes.
    He had just finished telling me to go set off the alarm so that his door would open.
    So I'm like "Maybe I can just hack this terminal by the door to open it."
    So I hack it, Click "Unlock door", and next thing I know, gas is filling up the room, and he's laying dead on the ground...
    Dunno how the fuck it happened, but oh well. I was going for bad Karma anyway, so it worked out.
  16. Will get this game once I get a job. I'm very desperate want to play this.
    I just don't know what I should get, on pc or 360. I was going with pc cause the update is free. right?

    BUT, I'm a achivement whore on 360. Just wanna brag my gamerscore.

  17. whatever you do, don't get it for Ps3. You can't get the expansions on Ps3.
    I went for 360...because my computer sucks, and I'm an achievement whore too. I just HAVE to get as many as possible.

    Plus, I dunno how your computer is set up, but it's MUCH more comfortable for me to sit in a nice soft chair with a controller and play a console game, instead of sitting at a comp chair.
  18. I'm not getting on ps3. I do plan getting ps3 for enclusive games specially Killzone 2.

    My pc can run on almost high settings. Able to run vegas 2, cod4, counter-strike on highest settings. here my rig

    -geforce 8600gt
    -AMD 64x 2 3800+
    -2024mb memory DDR
    -unknown motherboard.

    I love sitting on my couch and play games on HD. I'm planning to hook my pc to my HD, It would be my home gaming/theater room. :cool:

  19. Not a bad system man. Definitely a good gaming machine.
    If you're gonna hook up your PC to your TV, I'd say go that way! I'd kill to have a setup like that. I will one day!!!
    Plus I've heard Fallout is easier to play on PC. The crosshairs are so small, that if you're not using VATS, it can be a pain in the ass to shoot. On the PC, it's suppose to be a bit easier.

  20. All games that I play on pc, I use my 360 controller.

    I told many members here and friends that I cannot not play using keyboard and mouse because of my wrist/hand. It in pain when I play games. But when I chit and chat or make 3d arts, drawing, it never bother me that much. weird.
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