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  1. how do i stop my plants from growing to tall and falling over????
  2. try some chicken wire
  3. Maybe a lighting problem? what are you using?

    Other than that, bamboo cane and plastic tie, or similar sholud do.
  4. im using 2 100 watt grow lights in 4 foot ballast
  5. If the lights are fluoro then you may not have them close enough to the top of the plants, should be about 3-6 inches from the top, otherwise you can cause the plants to "stretch" towards the light, if HPS then you should be ok? they will also strengthen if you use a fan, this will cause the stems to gently sway and ultimately become thicker and stronger.

    look at www.dopequest.com

    it has excellent details on growing techniques indoor and out.

    Have fun!
  6. the lights are flouro so that s probably the problem,,,,,thanx

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