Falling in love with my stoner sex buddy..

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  1. I've been hooking up with my good friend that I have known for five years. We started having regular sex for almost three months now, and made it a rule to not have sex with anyone else. We both agreed having a relationship at our age is pointless, labeling what we are is not necessary.
    He kisses me goodnight every time we part, and tells me not to fuck anyone or he will have to smack a bitch. Jokingly of course.
    He smokes me out, hooks me up fat with pills, and got me the prettiest bong for my birthday spending his money for rock the bells. He treats me as if I was his girlfriend so naturally I would fall for him.
    All of his friends and family made the assumption that we were going out but he corrected them.
    There have been so many times were I wanted to ask what we are, and how he feels about us but that would just make it weird.
    I don't know what I should about him.
    Could use advise, doesn't help that he's hot.
  2. Whether you want to "label" it or not really doesn't matter. I would just be honest with him about your feelings and ask him how he honestly feels about you if he sees no future and is just in it for sex since that's more or less what you agreed to then you need to reevaluate things before you hurt yourself.
    As long as he has feelings for you I see no reason not to just add the label its not like you are signing a prenup.
  3. ^ I second that
  4. ^ I third it
  5. Just letting things run its course would be the ideal advise, but it's not so fun.

    My advise :

    Good guys are hard to find.

    Good and hot guys are even harder to find.

    Good and hot and weed friendly and spends a lot of money on you kind of guy is almost nonexistant. May be he's the last of the kind.

    So grab him and tie a rope around him, and make him yours.
  6. Truer words were never spoken. :smoke:
  7. Agh so true. I'm just afraid to disturb what I have, just need to check my emotions.
  8. enjoy it while it's here, life's too short to worry about shit.

    live for the moment :)
  9. I have to agree with everyone here. Live life and enjoy what you have. You never know what the future holds.
  10. just keeping fucking and dont worry about it.. have a good time with it,.
  11. I got a lot of love to give! I love falling in love, but I hate breaking hearts
  12. Foool around with me then lol
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    How about me I'm closer let do it lol!!!! I been in your situation before. I had this friend in high school and at the time I had a girlfriend. Long story short we broke up and me and her starting hanging out more. We did everything together and smoke too of course. We agreed not to fuck anyone else and she started to grow feelings for me and I didn't want a relationship at the time. So of course she wanted more and I just wanted to fuck. She cut me loose blew me off and never heard from her or saw her again. Till this day it's one of my biggest regrets in life cause if I knew what I know now...I honestly would of made her my wifey! That's how cool she was and she had everything I wanted in a person. Unfortunately I didn't want a relationship like she did. I had feelings for her too, but I just didn't want to deal with relationships at the time. I say enjoy what you have and if it's that great don't let it go....
  15. Sounds like a relationship to me. You guys are just playing it cool.
  16. you contradict yourself so much in this rambling post

    you say a relationship is 'pointless' at your age for some reason..

    yet you two still decided to remain exclusive to each other, saying you would only fuck each other, automatically forming a relationship..

    it seems like you two like each other very much, but are afraid of commitment. why don't you man up and admit how you really feel towards him?

    relationships are never pointless, even in elementary school the kinds of relationships you have determine who you become in the future ;).
  17. ah this happened to me

    then the bitch drove a fucking spike through my heart
  18. You got yourself a good one. Treat him right.
  19. wanna be friends?
  20. It's the freedom of having sex whenever you want, without all the rules. not feeling obligated to tell him where I am all the time, or what I did in my day. At the beginning of our sex-ca-payds I told him from the get go we will never be together.

    But he kept being so nice to me, taking me out, holding me while we sleep, being territorial when guys would hit on me. I couldn't resist but to develop feelings..

    I've told him that I like him a lot, and he has said the same about me. I guess, being a girl I want to be in control of what we have and I don't feel like I am.

    Maybe it just keeps what we have going fresh and new? Like the chase is still there..

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