Falling in love with a girl

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PintyHet, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. Its been about 3 years since my last girlfriend. i've been dead set on never letting another woman close to me but eh..its not working anymore! this girl is like woah! hahhahahah fecking a! i've tried to fight this off for like 6 months but i'm losing think i'm in love again! wtf? why am i so happy about this?... *dances and cheers* alright screw it i'm going to give this love thing one last chance..i am reborn

  2. run!!! wile you still can!!!


    love is a many colored creature

    it laches onto us ...

    it teaches us humiliation....

    and pain....

    it leaves you ....

    crawling on your belly ...

    crying .....

    like an adict...begging for the neddle....

    trying to scrape away the tracks....
  3. YAY i've been stood up from the looks of things! go me!
  4. see what did i tell you?
  5. lol what i deserve for letting my guard down i guess =p
  6. *sighs happily* eh she called and i talked to her on the phone..this ones a keeper.. just hope i have her interested as well :/
  7. Dude don't fall in love, it's all downhill most of the time.
  8. Okay, PintyHet, I'm confused. On the 1st, you created this thread about falling in love with a girl. Then on the 2nd, you start another thread about a broken heart. Is this the same girl? Has love turned flip floppy on you in 24 hours?
  9. yes same girl..and i've wanted this girl for two years but just recently gave in =(

  10. And so you're going to tell her that you can't see her anymore?
  11. yep.. friend o mine smoked me out today so things are better for another hour or so untill i have to come back to reality
  12. eh this should be my final update to this little thread... friend found the most kick ass girl of all time and they are hitting it off so he's fine and all now..but i was explaining this to the girl of which i had been talking to and she's like "*sniffle/cry* wha? but he hasnt liked anyone else for 6 months..i gotta go click(followed by a call to friend) ...i've hereby decided she's more fucked up than i had originally thought..almost a year now what the hell did she expect? WAAAAAY to much goddamn trouble for me to be getting into(also she's anti pot and beer and such for no expressed reason another MAJOR negative). so eh alls well that makes no sense lol. guess she is a girl so making no sense cant be blamed on her they are just like that hehe..time to go stare at my babbies for a few hours and celebrate not ending up in that one =)

    *edit* this has also somehow brought me and meh amigo closer as friends so eh yay or somehting *scratches head*
  13. What do you have agaist love ryogavash? Man love is whut keeps us together! Love is what created you. What about our LOVE for marijuana?

  14. eh for one reason my dear lady mj would never hurt me the way most women would =) it will never leave me for my best friends, never have pms, and never bitch about my smoking habbits =)
  15. Yay! *Thows confetti around*

    Love is so cute! :D

    Congrats man!
  16. I fall in love with a different girl every night
  17. realy now?i thought you were a girl?

  18. and? your point being?

  19. Where or where is Sensi when ya need her? ;)
  20. i imagine being in love with another woman as being a somewhat......cleaner......experience than being with a man....

    you go girl...

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