falling hurts!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. i managed to fall off a 3foot fence today, straight onto my tailbone, it hurts so much! dag nab it
  2. how'd you manage to do that?
  3. Falling on the tail bone does hurt like hell! I've done it and hope it never happens again!!!!!

  4. the crossbars were on my side so when i stared to go the only thing i could get a grip on was them, i basicly pulled myself over but i would have fallen off anyway lol
  5. heh like a year ago i did that well kinda

    i thought it would be coo to go down the steep hill on my street ....in one of those radio flyer red wagons so here i am at the top of the hill standing in the wagon it was cool till about half way down i wiped out landed on my tailbone
    it sucked ass
  6. i know, i winded myself good and proper. The worst part was laying there light headed thinking i was gonna throw up lol
  7. i know, i still get a sore ass when i go to the movies
  8. if i fall back down, your gonna help me back up again
    if i fall back down, your gonna be my freind
  9. i broke my arm once, it resembeled a z and i had to have it put bake into shape. but it was nothing my bros arm

    my bro brke his arm to a 90 degree angle down. It was soo close to snapping the nerves he cloud've lost use of his hand that was well scary. But he did say he liked the gas+air shit they gave him to kill the pain, lol
  10. man that fence had to be at least 4 foot! looked painful anyway.
  11. damn you and your shortcuts dude! its your fault lol.
  12. lol, i guess we wont be going through there again

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