Falling for a girl who has a bf of 4 years

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  1. So I met this chick at a party last week and we hit off pretty good. Whenever we hangout we always drink and we're always with at least two other people. We made out and cuddled and shit but didn't fuck and I didn't expect to. Haven't hung out with her in about 5 days and she doesn't respond to my texts. It's just mindfucking me cuz she won't tell me anything about where she wants this to go, if she even wants anything to come from it. I'm 19 btw
  2. Kinda a douche move to make out with her if you knew she had a boyfriend. She probably dropped you cus you were just something on the side, and she felt guilty about being slutty
  3. She probably realized that she made a mistake. Don't get hopefull in a situation like this.
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    She doesn't want your bait.
    She's trying to stay loyal to her boyfriend and she's trying to forget about what happened between you two. Most likely, she just wants to go back to before the party.
    Edit: Tough luck my man. Time to move on though.
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    True but it's not like she said no to anything and its not like she didn't like the way I acted towards her if she kept hanging out with me but I think I crossed the line the last time. Just sucks thinking about what could have been
  6. If she lets you fuck. Go For it. If she gives you no play, stop wasting your time. 
  7. If she isnt responding to your texts that should give you the answer as to where she wants to go with you. She has a boyfriend. All you did was make out and cuddle. Your 19! Get out there man and have some fun! Ohhhhh to be 19 again...
  8. That makes me appreciate my age haha thanks for the support

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