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Falling asleep after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Esny1015, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. So I don't smoke all the time... Maybe like 5 days a week, but lately I've been noticing if i smoke at like three and hang out with my friends and then come home, I end up going to bed by like 9. It's really irritating and idk why it's happening to me

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  2. Try one of these:

    - Switch up your smoke schedule (i.e. Smoke later)

    -Build your tolerance slowly (smoke less for now , eventually working your way to smoking more)

    -Switch your strain up (look for more Sativa dominant strains like Sour Diesel as Indicas like Grand Daddy Purple can make people a little more lethargic)

    - Switch up your smoke method (for me , I feel way less exhausted from a nice vape sesh than a blunt although I mainly dab)

    - Start dabbing (it's fuckin great , I never get tired , high is instant , high is intense , lasts long and no grogginess for me a few hours after the come down)
  3. I think that's super common with weed or alcohol. I mitigate that by drinking lots of water and sometimes supplement with some caffeine or stimulating juice. If you're able to pick your strains maybe go for something more sativa or smoke less each session but smoke several times throughout hanging with friends.
  4. Getting a full night sleep is never irritating. I love smoking and passing out. Beats laying awake and staring at the ceiling by a mile.
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  5. Tru dat. I go to bed around 8:30 most nights anyway.
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  6. Your body was in hyperactive mode while you were high therefore you feel "tired"
  7. Smoke less. The more you smoke, the more sleepier it makes you. Also if possible stick to sativa strains. Indica's are the ones that give you a strong body high, and that can put you to sleep too.
  8. Bro you get some good sleep.

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  9. Weed makes you sleepy, and relaxed, thats a huge part of what it does. Even if you build up your tolerance it will still affect you. You could try a pure sativa strain but good luck finding one. Other than that, weed just might not be for you. I use it because it helps me sleep and relax. To me, thats the point

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  10. I spent years as an insomniac, bettter part of a decade without a good nights sleep.
    so id never complain about getting an early night.
    but Id say just treat it like how a lot of (mainly older people) are with coffee but in reverse.
    They'll say its 2 oclock i need to not have coffee otherwise il be up all night.
    you just need to say its 3 oclock, if i blaze now i'll fall asleep early, Im going to give it an hour, smoke a little later, fall asleep at a more respectable time.
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  11. You could always try just smoking at night. It is very important for humans to get plenty of sleep, it benefits them greatly.

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  12. Its just making you tired, getting blazed can take a toll on you :passing-joint:

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