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  1. Hey guys !
    So I decided to try growing some marijuana because of my tumorous mass in my throat and im constantly losing voice and i thought this might help !

    So lets start:
    5x white lemon
    2x Himalayan gold (originally 3 but i accidentally torn first leaf on it and it looks like it died even tho it has roots, but i still have it in my pot)
    2x Special queen
    5x AutoJack (2 already came out, one is popping out of the ground, and i pulled one out of ground by mistake, but i hope the roots are fine so i put it back and keep my fingers crossed)

    These are Himalaya and Special queen like 1 week old

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  2. Himalaya and special ! 1 queen is kinda struggling but she's gonna make it I hope !

    5 lemons looking good so far, today i gave them bigger pot and after 14 days they are going to be placed to like 10year compost

    AutoJack placed right into the ground :)

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  3. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Hey guys a Lil update, auto jacks are fighting some kind of bugs, something is eating their leaves, but i put them in a small polytunnel and hope they will survive :)

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  4. Hey guys!
    A Lil update of my. Lemons and himalayas and special Queens[​IMG]

    1st pic himalaya and special Queen [​IMG]

    2nd pic white lemons

    Will put himalayas and special Queen to ground at the end of. The week, compost soil :)

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  5. Hey! Yesterday, my Girls got their first nutes! [​IMG] 1st pic white lemons


    2nd pic himalaya and special Queen

    They are literally growing in front of my eyes!

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  6. I got a special queen seed.

    Interested in how it grows!
  7. Its supposed to be a really big plant, like 2.5m - 3m tall!
  8. Good looking plot!
  9. Thanks !

    Also got some new seeds!

    Auto Purple x2
    Auto White Widow x2

    Both by Pyramid seeds ! germinating them atm !
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  10. looking good man, how old are the plants?
  11. Himalayas and Queens are like 4-5 weeks, not 100% sure, Lemons 3-4 weeks and Autojacks are 22 days !
  12. Hey guys !

    There was a big storm and my girl was completely laying on the floor, i hope she will be ok, so i tied her up.

    Auto Purple and Auto white widow came out of the soil today ! after 3 days, because i buried them pretty deep !

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  13. Time to start looking for your IPM materials.. (integrated pest management)
    After several years of growing outside I really only need to use 2 products to get a clean crop in Southern California..
    Green Cure for the Powdery Mildew
    BT for the caterpillars..
    It's really never to early to start weekly spraying of both..
    A bug zapper helps control the moths that are the source of your troubles..
  14. I dont have any major problem with bugs tho
  15. FallenCZ
    Moths infest most of the planet not including the 2 most frozen areas the North and South Poles.. Everyplace else has them.. If you've got moths in your porch light your gonna have catties in your buds.. By the time you find them the damage will be extreme and so will the mold they cause.. I tossed 95% of my first outdoor crop because of them.. I've already got them as I can't spray BT in the veg shed very effectively and I've killed several as I find them.. I'll start spraying this week and I spray every week till Oct when I harvest..
    My 2 cents
  16. Aight man !

    Thanks for the info, will sure get it !

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