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  1. Hey GC,

    About a little over a month and a half ago I basically had a fall out with my Dad.

    He is a complete asshole. Idk what his problem was, but he repeatedly has called me a drug addict and has said I need rehab 1000 times. The last time he said it was my last straw. I moved out with my uncle and recently got an apartment. I am about a month away from finishin school. He called me an addict because he thinks that weed is somehow terrible. When I was at his house, I would take 1 hit about every month if that. The only reason I told him I used was cause I lived at his house. Anyhow, I told him that I may want to take a break from school because I didn't want to live at his house anymore, and if I moved out I would need to get a job to support my own place. That is when he told me I need rehab (for pot). Anyway I told him to basically F off. I have been to rehab before (about 4 years in the past and it is no bueno). That trip was for an unmentionable that I told my parents I wanted help with.

    So now I am moved into my apartment. It is nice, especially without that negative psycho ass breathin down my neck. I am still in school because luckily some people in my life who actually love me helped me out financially. I just still get pissed thinkin about this. I am sittin here tryin to do homework and his dumb ass is on my mind. It wouldn't be so bad, but here is a list of stuff that he jacked from me basically when I moved out:

    -Expensive pair of sunglasses
    -A movie
    -box of beeline
    -a picture frame with money

    and the list goes on. I honestly don't want to talk to him, but I want my stuff. He also has a pet that I need to get because the pet is mine. He is just an ignorant person and thinks his way is the only way. He is the last person I would like advice from. I'd be doin just fine if I knew he hadn't jacked that stuff from me. He is real abusive. Anyway, I don't know what I am lookin for here but anyone have any help?
  2. I understand where you're coming from ... Judging from your post, I'm gonna tell you only 2 things:

    1. Stop calling your dad an asshole
    2. Go get your pet and forget about the material shit even though I know it hurts

  3. happens Bro me and my brother told our dad to fuck off, my bro hasn't talked to him in 7 years and I haven't talked to him in 5. He stole alot of shit from me over the years, the last was a .40 s&w automatic, I came home from work one day and the fucker was in my house looking around, I called the cops and they wouldn't arrest him because hes a retired Lt colonel and honestly its a very hard thing to due no matter what afterall he did raise me, so they let me issue a criminal trespass warning, but after he drove off I realized he had loaded shit from my garage in the back of his truck. The dude makes bank but he thinks he can do whatever he wants to whoever he wants cause hes so much better than everyone. So don't sweat it, just live your life and things tend to work out how there suppose to be.
  4. Thx guys.

    I just want to get one more thing off my mind. So one of the last conversations I had with ths guy was how he says I manipulate people. In my opinion, this shows how sick he is. He thinks that by me askin for help from other family members that this is some how a manipulation. He must've thought that his environment other there was somehow supreme (which I'm sure he does). I told him that he was the manipulator who wanted me to go see some psychiatrist when the reason that I wanted to leave had to do with him. It is funny that he was convinced of my intentions.

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