Fall of the Republic

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  1. As I went to youtube today, I saw this:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VebOTc-7shU&feature=popular]YouTube - Fall of the Republic HQ full length version[/ame]

    So it's made by Alex Jones, but The Obama Deception wasn't too shabby. Has anybody watched this? I'm startin it now and it looks like it could be decent.
  2. Interesting, I will watch.
  3. Only a couple minutes and in and I've already decided to watch the entire thing. Nice find. :hello:

  4. Bump. :smoke:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdnL6xI9aXs]YouTube - Mac Daddy Obama Show The Diploma[/ame]
  5. Isn't this the Alex Jones video? Fuck that shit.
  6. Ha forreal.
  7. Shits wack. This thread belongs in Pandoras Box.
  8. Its got some pretty good information, which i think all Americans need to hear. Like the part about how the Banking Industry has created and endless unpayable system of debt from which all countries fall under, thus limiting control to the few, the rich, and the powerful. Watch the first half, I implore you. The second half is where it starts to turn into that funny Alex Jones conspiracy theories that make me giggle.

    On a side note, if you wanna watch a documentry on something that actually happened in America, something which i think most Americans have either forgot about or dont know about, check out The Weather Underground:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV7GSff4fIA]YouTube - The Weather Underground[/ame]

    For the longest time I didnt know that an Insurgency group existed within America, actually capable of causing a legit Revolution.... Where are these guys today? :smoke:
  9. Alex Jones has been predicting a World government for years. He was convinced that it would come during the Bush Admin.... surprise!! It didnt. I would seriously question his credibility.

    However, this also shows that when unregulated capitalism can be just as bad as communism has been historically
  10. If you do not understand something then you probably shouldn't comment on it.

  11. Please enlighten me
  12. No, it's pretty relevant, more so than the movie Capitalism: A love Story, actually.

    So far it's a solid documentary, with interviews from many of the fringe authorities and well known officials, and stock footage documenting the seamless transition of economic power from Clinton to Bush to Obama. All the things you hear about outside of corporate media.

    William K. Black, a Federal regulator from the S&L crisis, sheds some light on the current economic situation.

    You should at least try to watch it before writing it off, it isn't partisan at all and so far doesn't dwell too much on theorized cabals.
  13. We haven't had unregulated capitalism for over 100 years so to suggest that it is a failure or dangerous is flat wrong. What we have had is corporatism which is very much different than capitalism.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. Expand on what is meant by "corporatism"
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    Corporatism is generally used in reference to regulations that benefit the corporation rather than the consumer. The free market dictates that corporations can't have as much power as they now have - the only way they have managed to be in such a powerful position is through coercive economic policy from out of control governments with a blank check cashed by the Fed.
  16. The whole thing is speculation, plus its by Alex Jones, which makes it even less credible.
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    Ever hear of an ad hominem? For that matter, do you understand logic at all or have you been so brainwashed that you attack anyone who doesn't agree with you?

    EDIT: Did you even watch the video? If you did, please explain how the entire thing is speculation? Wouldn't that require that there are no facts in the video?
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    Im not a russian scientist, but Im not going to casually stroll by and turn a blind eye to whats happening. The elites, masons, illuminati, SOMETHING, (you can quit arguing conspiracy, because it is a fact) has taken this country in a bad direction, globalism is the road to slavery, you give up all your rights to save the planet, then you have to serve the planet. This film sheds light on some very real issues, they are bringing in a collectivist totalitarian system planned for 100 years! Its beyond your wildest fucking dreams, but its true.

  19. That is the point of a shill like Jones. Much of the actual information he is giving out is real but the purpose is to discredit anti-government movement and to work up the people on the fringe to move against the government.

    Just like David Ike who does a fine job at exposing the NWO elite but then leads you in to a bunch of thirteen bloodline, reptilian nonsense.

    Its all done to try and discredit any anti NWO movement and confuse the population from what is actually going on.

    I recommend that you watch and read EVERYTHING and then dismiss what you believe to be false. ;)

  20. All of us should be able to use good old fashioned common sense to deduce that something is not right in America.

    After all, the EPA declares human breath (CO2) to be a pollutant, yet I have been blowing lungs full of air in to my grow box every day for twenty years and somehow all my plants grow vigorously. :rolleyes:


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