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fakin it

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dr dre, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. what are symptoms you would need to tell your doctor you had to get MMJ? can you fake them or is it fool proof?
  2. #2 Sam_Spade, Aug 15, 2008
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    Abusing the system puts at risk what many people have strive for decades for. People need this medicine. To abuse the system like that is selfish, childish and petty.

    I understand many view this as a way to get their recreational cannabis legally, but it isn't. Because your government has wronged you in this way, it is no reason to jeopardize the well-being of others.

    I'm not sure if you actually intend to, or are just speculating, but that's my 2 cents.
  3. i wouldnt fuck around with that man, its not easy to get mmj, plus if the doctor realizes that your not sick, a)you might get in trouble b)it for sure is NOT going to help use smokers to legalize it.
  4. i wouldnt fake it. but if you have past medical records of something that marijuana helps try that. if you plan on faking just say insomnia and you refuse to take benzo's and related chems because of side effects. your best bet is to bring up old medical records.
  5. If you live in california and you have the cash, doctors could care less what illness you have.

    It's extremely easy to get a card in california.
  6. I dont know why everyone is so against abusing the same system that made weed illegal for us..just dont be a fucking retard and they wont know you're faking.

    Only a moron could screw it up for everyone else.
  7. If your in a state that has legalized MMJ, just find someone who has a card to hook you up... like the others said, dont abuse the system

    Athough I'm probably being a hypocrite... if I lived in Cali or somewhere I wouldn't give a fuck what you guys said I would get my damn MMJ card haha

  8. YEAH! What Sam said goes for me too! :metal:

    I know it's a screwed up situation but I didn't create it. I'm just glad it's available to me medically. (I had to move to the right state though)
  9. If you live in Cali, isn't the fine for illegal possession like, 100 dollars?

  10. doctors know.. and if anyone looks into it, they will too.

    even if you dont get in trouble, abusing the system can only hurt the cause more..

  11. I know and they should loose their licenses
  12. Now delete your thread before passer-by's think this is a common practice.
  13. Oh please :rolleyes:
  14. Ha, I'm sure it's been tried before....and failed countless times.

  15. Why not?

    hows it any different from a doctor abusing his power to give out oxycotin or anything else?

    its shitheads like them that just wanna profit off the situation. Their not in it to help anyone.
  16. Well you obviously didn't read my post.
  17. yeah i guess you guys are right. but maybe god put marijuana on earth only for medical purposes so then all of us would be abusing the system. just something to think about . . .
  18. Dont fake it.
  19. nah man dont fake it, if i were you id just get it off the streets...because there are people who really need it for medical problems

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